1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey all :O)

  Not allot new to be telling you all actually, started my new job awhile back.  :O(  had to get one, wasn't much of a choice any longer.  Had bills to be paid.  I'm driving a semi again hauling rock sand and anything else that will fit in a end dump trailer.  I used to drive one some years back and getting back into it was like there had never been a 10 year gape lol  same thing just a different year.  Its a good stress free job :O)  That is exactly what I was honestly looking for. All I have to worry about is getting the load there and not running over anyone. Allot of hours though, get up around 5 am and don't get home usually until around 6 pm  or 7 pm.  Working on getting my nest egg built back up and moving forward on my place now with money coming in on a steady bases.    So this summer there will not be any grand tales of gold or mountains :O(  just the everyday musings of a employed person :O)    But with any luck I will be able to go to Arizona or some where else that has a mild winter climate :O)    At least for a short visit.   really wanted to take a 2 week break this summer and fly to Nome and see the operations up there but not sure that is going to pan out.   Have to wait and see.
  I really don't have much to relate to you all in what all I have been doing, my Nephew and I replaced a bunch of hedge posts around the city park. Got done with that project just the other day.  Been going to the Gpaa Wichita gold prospectors chapter meetings,  Been baking some home made bread off and on, went and got some bricks out of a old building that was collapsing for some land scaping projects,  Went to a  gun show the other day, talk about high prices!!  whew,  even if I had the money to spend I wouldn't be buying things at them prices....     We did buy some stuff that blows up when you shoot it :O)  pretty neat stuff.  lol  sure makes alot of small pieces out of a ice chest cooler lol  and a small snow man sitting on top of it lol  had to be there to appreciate it lol  small package with a BIG BOOM!!!    
  I believe that there are some steel grain bins that I can get to move onto my place, they will make for some great storage and make one of them into a lil slaughter house.  Will be handy to have that when it comes time to process deer, chicken's, beef, pigs you name it.  Costs way too much to take it to town to have it done.  Raise it, butcher it, eat it, compost it lol   would that be The circle of life???  lol    Its taking time but things are coming together at my place. just takes time and money. 
  Going to be pouring the concrete floor here very soon, going to have to wait for the ground to dry up after this snow melts but soon I will have  afloor :O)  Then that way I can stock pile building materials and build on it at any time.  will be taking pics as I go along (when I remember to take them) .  The floor is going to be  apretty physical job.  Hope all my help shows up when I get ready to do it.
  Anyway, not sure when i will be back on again to catch you all up but I will be back again :O) 
                       Be safe :O)