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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Im back :O)

this is a mushroom that I found along my route at work one day, that is my eye glass case, it was one of the biggest shrooms I have ever seen.

Pictures are out of sequence and I cant find half of the ones I wanted to share so I will have too another day but this is the chicken house I built. There is a round window in the end of it for the chickens to look out of when they are roosting and they do lol

this is the brace I used to keep the fence from moving the posts. looks like a rusty rainbow over the gate :O)

the two lawn chairs I was talking about in the other post.
In other news the humming Bird feeders work really well, sometimes we have five fighting over them, may not sound like many to some but for around here that is a lot :O)

CH construction pics

and yes the Walls are actually slanted like that on purpose :O)

I made the ends like this because I have always liked that look on the older barns, from the days that they used the hay fork to lift the hay up into the hay loft. There is no real reason for them on the CH except that they do keep some rain water off you when you go to feed them. I just like the looks of them so that is good enough reason for me :O)
and yes, for a none carpenter type person such as I am they were a extreme pain in the ass trying to get all the angles right....

before shingles. and yes, that too was a lot of fun doing it by myself.  I actually used asphalt shingles on it. was easier for me. costly but easier.

I will try to figure out where the other pics are and get them posted on here. until then though, you all be safe and enjoy each day as if its your last day :O) 

catching up

  Hi all :O)
I had some time today so I thought I had better catch you all up that are still actually following my blog. 
  I'v been working on the Chicken House for a while now. Its just pretty much done. The two remaining roosters out of seven, have been successfully moved in. I had thought originally that it was going to be a difficult ordeal but it turned out rather painless for all involved. I just started feeding them closer and closer to the chicken house until they were eating inside it. I then just reached in and shut the door on them lol  They actually settled right in and calmed down too my surprise.  They have been roosting in there every night sense. they seem to trully  enjoy and like their new house. they better...   Damn but its exspensive to build anything anymore.  Its a unique CH, its a design of my very own lol and with input from the girl friend :O) 
I have a few things like put the ridge cap on, do some draft control with the famous foam in a can, put some electric into it..  The moths and crickets love it. I have to put up the outside pen plus the chicken doors, I want a pen for the weekends that I go to the big city. Don't need to feed the wild life anymore than I have already..
  Its been rainy here a lot so I have been doing a lot of mowing, here and at work. Tired of that.  The garden is just about done, it really did good this year, lots and lots of tomatoes, cantaloupe,  squash, zucchini, cucumbers, Tomatoes, some corn but not a lot, it was so hot that I think it got steamed on the stalk and then the coon found it so needless to say there was a shortage of corn yet again this year.
  Going to put a pen around the garden for nest year I'm thinking, and some electrified wires, maybe even a land mine or two as well. :O) 
Been moving stuff around at the place, just moved the camper yesterday, and I must say that for never pulling anyone before with a vehicle, the GF really did a outstanding job. Since she had never done anything like that I walked her thru what needed to be done then we moved things, and it happened just like I wanted it too.  Now I need to put some used tires that came off my new to me pickup :O)  yes, I finally broke down and bought a vehicle.  Yay me boo to the payments. Its a nice little two wheel drive chevy Colorado. gets between 19 and 24 mpg. Its my new car. its a exstendacab, but there is really not much room in the rear seat, more for storage than actually seating.
  I like it, rides good and there is plenty of leg room. I have to slide the seat forward a few notches actually to be comfortable with the pedals and that's a rarity in itself that I have plenty of leg room.
Now when I see a ac window unit laying next to the road or anything else that catches my eye, I can stop and pick it up without problems.  When I bought it I told them that I wanted new tires on it before I would buy it, the salesman said no prob. I told him that I wanted some good tires, not car tires and he said no prob. well, they put light duty small pu tires on it. they are new and the name brand is Cooper tires but they are not what we originally agreed upon. but they are new tires so it is what it is. I will buy some good ones when these wear out.  I might pick up a pair of tires for the winter conditions coming up but we will see if we have a winter or not. I still have the trusty 4x4 chevy if the need arises.
  I had to put a new upper ball joint in the chevy, then had to get it aligned, drives like a new truck that has 228,000 miles on it lol 
  Been grilling a lot this summer :O) sure is nice to keep the heat out of the house while cooking. and grilling is always better in my mind. Had some friends over last night, grilled some burgers for supper. They brought over some spinach dip and some Hawaiian sweet bread stuff, it was really good :O) going to be eating some of that stuff again soon. You just dip the bread into the spinach dip and eat it. good good stuff....  Had a really good time :O)
  Topped off the propane tanks in august, paid 99 cents a gallon. when I had it filled up a yr and a half ago, they had filled it too 78 %, I had them top it back off when it was at 50% its only a 500 gallon tank so basically I have used 27% propane for the yr and a half. pretty good I think.
Got the porch pretty much done as well, got it looking pretty comfy, went to town a while back and bought  two very comfy lawn chairs, saw a lady in one at one of the GF's sons baseball game. Checked them out in the store and they are so comfy. Bought two lol  Use them to lay back in while looking for meteors.  Zero gravity lay down lawn chair thingies.  Still have the old steal chairs too but those are for company now lol Not really, anyone can sit in any chair at my porch... Just as long as its not in my chair :O)

Patches has been doing fine, cant believe she is going to be 12 this spring. Time sure speeds up the older you get it seems like. Shes still a pain in my butt so all is normal with hers and my love hate relationship lol   

No goats yet :O(  still no pen yet :O(  trying to get abunch of other projects finished up before starting anything else new.  too many irons in the fire :O/   I don't know if I said anything or not but I bought another window ac unit for this summer, it really didn't raise my electric bill too much more, about 30 dollars actually. The first one isn't working near as had to keep the house cool now with the second one going, I have both on low usually and it stays at a steady 70 degrees in the house even on the hottest of days.  I just cant take the heat anymore.  My Lupus Has been acting up lately so that slows me down some as well.  Some days it just pretty hard to get going and some days I don't get going lol Its really not funny but it is what you make of it I guess. 

The chicken pvc pipe chicken tractor thingy was a total flop. Its in pieces now, was a exspensive learning curve :O( I'm taking it apart and saving what I can from it. The chicken kept using it but it was looking pretty sad.
got a call, be back in a little bit :O) Be safe all