1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


  Well hello all, its been way too long since I have let you all know what I have been up too.  Actually, I haven't been up to much but doing a lot of running. I have been neglecting a lot of things that I have been wanting to do and get done around here.  No ones fault just have been doing other things.
  The chickens are doing really good, they have been laying eggs regularly. Iv been enjoying them a lot :O)  I have to get rid of one of the roosters, they are fighting over the chicks and disrupting the zen of the chic house.  My farmer neibor buddy needs a rooster so I guess one of them will be going to live there.  The chickens are allot of fun to watch, just wish they would stop popping on the porch, going to have to make a fence to stop that I think.  Going to be buying some more chickens soon, need about 6 more and I will be happy lol
  Work has been going pretty good, rebuilding a lot of roads lately.  They need it, some of my roads on the route don't have ditches anymore.  Been trimming tree limbs too on the route. Some of my roads don't look the same at all. Starting to look pretty good. 
  In some other news, I now have a puppy :O) her name is Pno lol  I know, odd name but I like it. She is a mixed breed, she is part jack Russell terrier, part chiwawa and English bulldog and I thing some others might be in there too but she looks mostly like a jack Russell so far.  Pretty smart, Ive taught her to sit, lay, stand on her hind legs, and too fetch.  she's a pretty cool dog so far lol   She will actually crawl into the shower with me on her own, to be with me I guess but sometimes we take a shower together lol sounds strange but that's the way it is. She enjoys it.  No sticky dog here.
  So far she gets along with the chickens too, every once in a while she acts like she's going to maybe chance them but doesn't. will be keeping a eye on her for sure. She likes to travel in the truck or even in the grader lol took her to work one day and she done really good. Wont be making a habit out of that but it was nice having her in there with me.
  Went and got a bunch of older telephone poles yesterday, thanks for your help RO.  There was a lot more there than I had thought, its a load and a half lol also stopped and picked up two big rocks out of the road ditch as well. Going to be using them in the land scaping project for the front yard one of these days. Now that I have the poles home I can get busy on the lean-to. Got pretty much everything I need now to get it built. will be nice to have more room to store stuff like the tractor and the extra lumber I have saved up. That way I can get my work shop organized finally.
  Going to be getting started on the goat pens as well. maybe I will get them don't this year. I'm also going to build a extra pen on the north side of the property. Its going to be a pig pen. Got to have pigs to have bacon :O) and pork chops, pork cutlets,  sausage :O)  I've been catching some pork sales at the grocery store lately, been using the tenderizer I got from Howard quite a bit here lately. works really nice :O)
  I bought a old antique cubbored last weekend on my way back from Kansas city, shouldn't have but I did. Its been used and even abused some but all that is just character to me :O)  ;It looks really good in the kitchen.  I found it on offerup :O) I really like that app.  There are so many things for sale and a lot of its really cheap. I have even sold some stuff on there as well.
  In other news I have been working on the short wall around the kitchen, I have finally got the sheet rock all mudded and sanded now, now just to paint it lol hopefully that doesn't take me 3 yrs lol  yes, I can really drag my feet with some projects. 
  went out today and cut back a bunch of the tree limbs along the yard so I done have to dodge them on the tractor when I'm mowing this year. pushed them all into the brush pile for burning later on.  started pushing up a lot of the old trees that had fallen down among the other trees, just cleaning up the tree ine some. get it ready to plant some trees in place of the dead ones so I can keep the wind break going for the place.  Cleaned up the garden area today and yesterday,  getting it ready for spring planting :O)  Going to till up some extra ground this year, I've had two gardens basically but this year I am going to till up the area between the two of them. Going to be one big garden.  I'm going to try a new way to plant tators this year, going to plant them in a wire cage in layers, saw it on pentrist.
  I have two grader tires now as well, going to cut the sidewall out of one side of them and fill with dirt to make some raised beds. Getting tired of bending over all the time and it hurts too much to get down on my knees anymore as well. Its not much fun to be getting older and to have a medical issue that there is no cure for.  One that has no rhyme or reason either.  some days are good ( I say good but that just means that I'm able to get around better than the other days.)  Here lately its been really kicking my ass.  I'm not whining about it, just getting tired of it. Some days all I can seem to get done is go to work and get my job done. Come home and sleep or not sleep. sometimes sleep just isn't in the works.  Just have to Keep on Keeping on like Joe Dirt says lol
  well, its late. Going to bed.   talk later to you all.   Be safe :O)


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

still alive

  Hey all, sorry that's its been so long since I have been on here. Honestly I have been debating about calling it quits on here. Just doesn't seem like I have enough time anymore or maybe its just time to stop.
  I have been kind of busy still, got one of the old grain bins home. Another one still to get. The chicken house is pretty much done, just doing small stuff with it now. The chickens stopped laying when it got cold, put electric too it and now they have more light and a heat bulb for a little heat. The egg production is back in swing.  I'm in the process of putting another poop door in. Its rather cute, will have to get a picture of it.  Still fighting with the windows 10 picture stuff, ,maybe that's one of the main reason why I haven't been blogging and thinking about stopping. The picture deal is such a hassle.  Its rather frustrating and I say that politely .... 
  did everyo9ne have a nice xmas? We had a relatively stress free time :O)  Took mom to the casino again, she won money again, I lost money, again.... 

Friday, November 4, 2016

picture heavy

went out picked some squirrel food the other day.  Might be enough for the winter, maybe. They squirrels up in kc we lovingly call them Tree Pigs lol

I was trying to capture all of the humming birds in the pic. only got three but there was five buzzing around.

Red and Whitey, wonder which one is which? lol

these are a bunch of poles that I bought for  1 dollar apiece from the local phone company. Going to be used in the fences for the goat and pig pens. Going back to get some more soon.

Just a cool pic of Red on the porch with the flowers

The next two picture are from work, was trying to show you all the graded radius in the ditch that I had just done. Might not look like much but there are a lot of hand and wrist coordination going on in those pics. I don't have a steering wheel in the grader, its all run by two joy sticks.  and to do those radius cuts like that, there is ALOT of moves lol

Yes, that's a glass of wine on the fender of my tractor :O) That's just how we roll out here in the country :O)

Here is the chicken house and chicken pen (aka Alcatraz)

Just some pretty clouds and they were actually red like this, the sun was rising.

Went snooping one day at a old abandoned farm and this is one of the things I found there. Pretty cool picnic table I think :O)

yes, a rainbow.

This is the machine I got to run the other day, its a joy stick operation as well. was nice :O)

We tore a old bridge out a few weeks ago a mile east of my house. Boss told me I could have the rocks if I wanted them. Yes they at the house now :O)  Going to be doing some major land scaping with them someday soon I hope.
If you look close you can see my cap (for a reference of rock size) sitting on one of the rocks

more rocks, might make some into some large water troughs as well.

My pancake cast iron griddle, cleaned and seasoned again. worked just fine the other weekend when we had mom and uncle out for breakfast :O)

and this, is my new grill I bought a while back. Its NOT supposed to smoke like that. :O( it had stormed the night before and I turned it on to dry it out some. Guess there was a build up of grease in there as well as some water. I just about had a melt down. Things got hot and stinky.
I put it out and its working again just fine. a little more careful about things now and I clean it more often lol

My Halloween tomatoe :O)

country fresh eggs and home made rolls :O)

Moon, was big. and bright.  :O)

I love this old Toyota and its even forsale but for the condition of it she wants too much :O( But just look at that thing :O) its a custom cab, Factory I might add. 4x4 22 rte motor (T is for turbo) rare. very little rust at all. but its rough. would need a lot of tlc.

Just a random pic of a old grain elevator. thought it was cool.

Just one of the MANY MANY hauls out of the garden.

OK, its really time for bed now.  Take care and will talk to you all again. :O) Be safe.



  Well, I had big plans of blogging tonight. Couldn't even come up with a post title.    wondering what to talk about.

  I went to my doctor today, one of them anyway. Lupus doctor, didn't learn much new.  Told him I didn't have much money so we needed to just do the important blood tests, down to two blood tests and a urine test.   I was getting anywhere from 8 to 11 blood tests every three months. plus the urine tests and there is about 7 to 9 tests that they do on the urine. can we say expensive?  very costly even with insurance. When it wants to pay it seems like.
  The chickens are doing good, got 4 free loaders though. They better get serious pretty soon or its going to get very serious for them... 
  As you all know I bought  a new to me pu, I made the deal with the understandment that they would put new tires on it. They did and I kept the old tires which weren't wore out but would of had to buy new in about 6 or 8 months ( I don't drive a lot of miles anymore) I brought them home and yesterday I put them on a flatbed trailer that I have. Its been used for a while now as a place to store a bunch of steel and stuff like that. Well, its ready to roll down the road and be useful for something better than what its been doing. which is nothing.  I have to unload it now but will be nice to have it to use again. I had made that trailer back in 97, it used to be a camper trailer but the camper went bad. Tore it all off, reinforced the frame, shortened it about 8 ft. (still 16' long ) put some 2 x 12 planks on it and made a really nice trailer. Don't haul cars on it, would probably haul it but why take the chance and break it.
  Doing laundry right now. exciting huh? lol 10:30 at night and I'm doing laundry. Why? Because I cant seem to sleep much anymore.  Its weird, I can be ready to fall asleep during the day at work and when I get home at first I'm so tired but do you think that I can go in there and go to sleep? nope, not very often can I do that. gets frustrating that's for sure.

  The day before yesterday I was petting patches and found a nasty scab sore area on the side of her head. Looked really bad, I made a vet appointment the next morning. Took her over and she has a bacterial ear infection.  The weird part is the infection came out on the side of her head. guess it does that. She hates me twice a day now. I have to give her ear drops and then some amoxicillin liquid too. She can handle the ear drops but the liquid med is really nasty I guess because she fights me hard not to take it.  not pretty.  She's starting to act a lot better though.
  Made some inside window sills today for the house windows. Patches is getting used to have one to sit on and look outside from. maybe my plant in the kitchen window will do a little better being closer and in the more direct sun light. I found one of those glass water bulb things and its made a big diff on rather it gets water or not lol I can see the bulb and when it needs filled. I need to get a lot more of them for more house plants.  I like it in the mornings when the sun is shinning thru it. makes a lot of colors. The cooler weather seems to be getting here, highs in the high 60's next week and lows in the forties :O)  good sleeping weather If I can get to sleep :O/ 

I'm really looking forward to this winter actually. I just would like for it to snow some, if its cold there should be snow on the ground and I should be able to use my v-plow on my grader to plow snow :O)   

I cant believe that's its already Nov. wow but the time sure slips past a person the older you get.
Thanksgiving will be here before we know it then Christmas will be zipping by and then it will be another new year.  I have no idea what we will be doing as a family this year for either holiday, the family still hasn't recovered from the nonsense a while back.  So who knows for sure. Might just have it out here, its been a pretty small gathering anymore. Might have to go to the casino again. lol 

  Think I will start getting my cast iron ware gathered up and start re seasoning them. Some have to be sanded down completely and started over from square one.  I like me some cast iron ware :O) Not sure where I'm going to put all this stuff in the house :O) I really need to get some more shelf's or buy something to put them into. Going to move the freezer out into the garage soon too. that will make some room in the kitchen to do something about the shelving problems.

whelp, I just went blank again so with that I will say good, be safe and talk to you all again soon :O)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Been awhile, again...

     I haven't been up to much different, just work, feeding the chickens, spending time here or at the Girl friends house in the big city. Big enough anyway lol Got the chicken house mostly done, still have some things to finish up on it but it holds the chickens well enough :O) Iv had the two roosters for a while, went and bought 8 hens a couple of weekends ago. Been getting a few eggs but they are not very reliable so far. Have gotten about a dozen so far and they are so good lol even better since they are mine lol  Same chicken same food same everything except they are laying their eggs in my chicken house :O)  That's what makes them taste so much better lol They are miss matched bunch of chickens lol barred rocks, orpintons, uummm   them kind and those kind and that other kind lol   This spring we are going to buy some chicks and it will look alittle more organized, I hope.  Some of them have had a rough time of it, there's a chicken plucker among them, going to stalk them this weekend and find the culprit. will be fresh chicken in the skillet this weekend maybe :O) 
  Things are really going pretty good around here, slow but its going. Got the woven wire over the gate finally the other day, been along time getting that done :O(  Still no goat pens yet but its at the top of the to do list before winter sets in, I hope. or atleast get them started.... I'm thinking the lean too is the next big thing on the list that I need to get going on. That way I can get some stuff in under the shelter.    I have come to the conclusion that I have entirely too many irons in the fire but isn't that how it works on a place like this in the country? Have to pick my projects on a priority scale...
  Lets see, Lean too, Have to get the power poles from down the road to do that, have the tin and boards to mount the tin on.   So I need to get the poles home then get to going on that.
  Then the goat pens, have to get more poles, wire, steel posts and ties, and then get busy on it. Need to finish the chicken pen, build the pen gate, put the chicken door on the chicken house for the chicken to come and go out of into the pen. Put another chicken exit on the east side so they can come and go during the day free ranging in the yard. Built the pen mainly for them to get outside while I'm gone on some weekends.  I haven't let them free range yet since we got them, about two weeks. I bet red and whity is ready to get the heck out of there and down into their favorite spot in the trees.
  Need to plow the garden up and get some more cow manure to put on it, and I have to put the tube in the tire on the trailer before I can do that too.   I still need to put the new hydraulic hose on the dump bed to make life easier when dumping the manure too. The Tomato plants are still going strong, they are full of tomatoes ready to pick yet again.  The bad ones I give to the chickens, they love them.  I sometimes give them some sunflower seeds as a treat.  Also checking into how to raise meal worms, looks easy enough lol I guess chickens go nuts over them.
  Oh yea, don't remember if I said anything but I actually bought me a new to me vehicle, the hoopty just wasn't going to hold up running back and forth to see the girl friend very much longer and besides that, I was really wanting something more reliable and usable. I bought a little two wheel drive pickup,  Its my "car" lol this way when I see stuff along the road or at a yard sale or whatever where ever I can pick it up.  gets good gas mileage and its comfortable to drive.
  Hooked up the icemaker and water dispenser on the frig last night finally. not real impressed with the water dispenser, I really think I can pee faster and harder than that thing does.... But the ice maker works fine lol  lets just say that getting the right stuff for the job and making it all work was a interesting time. grrrr.   But its done and there is no water leaks (knocking on wood/my head lol )  I have heard so many horror stories about the hose breaking or the frig springing a leak that I was half scared to leave the house this morning with it on. Came home to a dry house though yay.
  In other news, Here a while back I got on Pinterest. I had always thought it was a chick thing, sorry for sounding so typically a guy but I did.  I have found a whole new world in Pinterest lol   I'm always looking on there lol  If you cant find it on there it really doesn't exist ... I really enjoy the metal art and the homestead stuff, chickens goats, gardening ect ect ect lol its amazing lol   but any  way.  it really is amazing :O) 
  the weather got pretty chilly there for a while and I was loving it :O) got alitlle rainy at times but I still was enjoying it. But the mosquitoes got pretty bad for a while too uuggg.. The lows were around 45 at times loved it. now the lows are around 55 or 60 and the high yesterday was around 80. not too bad. 
Oh yea, back to the list..  still need to organize and build shelf's in the storage trailer too :O(  It never ends lol  I'm going to go through all that stuff and put a lot on a for sale place called "offerup" you can sale anything and everything on there and find just about any thing you could want. Pretty cool. thanks Ro for showing that to me :O)   I have sold a few things on there already, I actually take pictures of the items then send them to the girl friend and she posts them on there a couple of days before I go see her and usually things get sold while I'm there for the weekend :O)  What I don't put on offer up I'm going to give to good will or just simply give away or shit can it....   Tired of holding onto a lot of the stuff. Need the space for other things more than I need the stuff. Time to clean house!!!
  Weve been grilling a lot and its been burgers or chicken for the most part, been trying to catch things on sale but sometimes you cant. Ro had been buying boneless thighs and I really fell in love with grilled boneless thighs but they cost a lot of money, so we started buying bone in thighs and taking them and boning them out ourselves. so much cheaper to do it that way :O) we save the trimmings and bones to boil up later to make chicken broth.  its a win win :O)  Any more I would rather have a grilled boneless thigh over a chicken breast.   Going to buy some cheap beef roasts and make some minute steaks too, love me some chicken fried steaks.  Its really handy having a actual tenderizer on hand to use. :O)  Thanks Howard old buddy R.I.P Miss visiting with you.  He told me to take his home out of the blue one day. Said if he needed to use it he knew where it was...

Here is the bone in chicken, it really is pretty easy to take the thigh bone out, just need a good sharp knife and just start in doing it. Wont take but a few and you will get a feel for it and before you know it your will be whipping them out :O)

There's the pile of boned out on the right and the little pile on the left is the bones and fat trimmings with a few meat pieces. Like I said earlier, will boil them up and make some home made chicken broth. and of course you will need to pressure can the broth to safe it for later use. So we are saving all the stuff in the freezer until we have enough to process.

all packaged up and ready for the freezer, I divide them up into four thighs per package then I toss them all into a gallon size bag, keeps it from getting freezer burnt for quite a while. They usually don't last long enough in the freezer to get burnt lol

The fat cat :O)
  I was thinking the other day about patches and what all we have been thru together and realized that she is getting old. She was born in the spring of 2005, She was such a cute little kitten, She had a eye infection in both eyes and couldn't see. She was a outside barn cat up till that moment lol I cleaned her eyes up, took her to the vet and she got some shots and such. I brought her home and that was the last time she was ever outside willingly lol  Cricket and I just about lost her twice when we were living in the motor home, once she fell out of the screen door when she jumped against it to catch a fly, she freaked out and ran under a bunch of junk in the yard.   Got her back in and she wouldn't touch the screen door again, she would sit there all day and watch out it but would not touch it lol. The other time was when we were in the mountains and cricket I had walked up a dirt road to make sure it was safe to go up with the rv and trailer, we had got in a pretty dicey place once and didn't want to do that again...  But anyway we came back and was getting ready to go and I heard the cat meowing kind of weird. cricket was hanging out the window just about ready to fall out looking at something. It was the cat lol she had fallen out the driver window and was panicking under the rv. Good thing I heard he and cricket was acting stupid hanging out the window lol  after that she never got close to the window either lol   Patches will be 12 this spring.  

  Well all, going to get off here and get ready for bed,  I still haven't figured out the problem with the pictures on windows ten and my phone. Once I do I will be bombing my blog with a lot of pictures. I might just have to go some where and have someone show me or fix my problems that I am having with this.  I have so many pictures I want to share with you all. Bare with me :O)  I will figure it out one way or the other :O)   
Be safe all :O)  talk to you all again :O)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Im back :O)

this is a mushroom that I found along my route at work one day, that is my eye glass case, it was one of the biggest shrooms I have ever seen.

Pictures are out of sequence and I cant find half of the ones I wanted to share so I will have too another day but this is the chicken house I built. There is a round window in the end of it for the chickens to look out of when they are roosting and they do lol

this is the brace I used to keep the fence from moving the posts. looks like a rusty rainbow over the gate :O)

the two lawn chairs I was talking about in the other post.
In other news the humming Bird feeders work really well, sometimes we have five fighting over them, may not sound like many to some but for around here that is a lot :O)

CH construction pics

and yes the Walls are actually slanted like that on purpose :O)

I made the ends like this because I have always liked that look on the older barns, from the days that they used the hay fork to lift the hay up into the hay loft. There is no real reason for them on the CH except that they do keep some rain water off you when you go to feed them. I just like the looks of them so that is good enough reason for me :O)
and yes, for a none carpenter type person such as I am they were a extreme pain in the ass trying to get all the angles right....

before shingles. and yes, that too was a lot of fun doing it by myself.  I actually used asphalt shingles on it. was easier for me. costly but easier.

I will try to figure out where the other pics are and get them posted on here. until then though, you all be safe and enjoy each day as if its your last day :O) 

catching up

  Hi all :O)
I had some time today so I thought I had better catch you all up that are still actually following my blog. 
  I'v been working on the Chicken House for a while now. Its just pretty much done. The two remaining roosters out of seven, have been successfully moved in. I had thought originally that it was going to be a difficult ordeal but it turned out rather painless for all involved. I just started feeding them closer and closer to the chicken house until they were eating inside it. I then just reached in and shut the door on them lol  They actually settled right in and calmed down too my surprise.  They have been roosting in there every night sense. they seem to trully  enjoy and like their new house. they better...   Damn but its exspensive to build anything anymore.  Its a unique CH, its a design of my very own lol and with input from the girl friend :O) 
I have a few things like put the ridge cap on, do some draft control with the famous foam in a can, put some electric into it..  The moths and crickets love it. I have to put up the outside pen plus the chicken doors, I want a pen for the weekends that I go to the big city. Don't need to feed the wild life anymore than I have already..
  Its been rainy here a lot so I have been doing a lot of mowing, here and at work. Tired of that.  The garden is just about done, it really did good this year, lots and lots of tomatoes, cantaloupe,  squash, zucchini, cucumbers, Tomatoes, some corn but not a lot, it was so hot that I think it got steamed on the stalk and then the coon found it so needless to say there was a shortage of corn yet again this year.
  Going to put a pen around the garden for nest year I'm thinking, and some electrified wires, maybe even a land mine or two as well. :O) 
Been moving stuff around at the place, just moved the camper yesterday, and I must say that for never pulling anyone before with a vehicle, the GF really did a outstanding job. Since she had never done anything like that I walked her thru what needed to be done then we moved things, and it happened just like I wanted it too.  Now I need to put some used tires that came off my new to me pickup :O)  yes, I finally broke down and bought a vehicle.  Yay me boo to the payments. Its a nice little two wheel drive chevy Colorado. gets between 19 and 24 mpg. Its my new car. its a exstendacab, but there is really not much room in the rear seat, more for storage than actually seating.
  I like it, rides good and there is plenty of leg room. I have to slide the seat forward a few notches actually to be comfortable with the pedals and that's a rarity in itself that I have plenty of leg room.
Now when I see a ac window unit laying next to the road or anything else that catches my eye, I can stop and pick it up without problems.  When I bought it I told them that I wanted new tires on it before I would buy it, the salesman said no prob. I told him that I wanted some good tires, not car tires and he said no prob. well, they put light duty small pu tires on it. they are new and the name brand is Cooper tires but they are not what we originally agreed upon. but they are new tires so it is what it is. I will buy some good ones when these wear out.  I might pick up a pair of tires for the winter conditions coming up but we will see if we have a winter or not. I still have the trusty 4x4 chevy if the need arises.
  I had to put a new upper ball joint in the chevy, then had to get it aligned, drives like a new truck that has 228,000 miles on it lol 
  Been grilling a lot this summer :O) sure is nice to keep the heat out of the house while cooking. and grilling is always better in my mind. Had some friends over last night, grilled some burgers for supper. They brought over some spinach dip and some Hawaiian sweet bread stuff, it was really good :O) going to be eating some of that stuff again soon. You just dip the bread into the spinach dip and eat it. good good stuff....  Had a really good time :O)
  Topped off the propane tanks in august, paid 99 cents a gallon. when I had it filled up a yr and a half ago, they had filled it too 78 %, I had them top it back off when it was at 50% its only a 500 gallon tank so basically I have used 27% propane for the yr and a half. pretty good I think.
Got the porch pretty much done as well, got it looking pretty comfy, went to town a while back and bought  two very comfy lawn chairs, saw a lady in one at one of the GF's sons baseball game. Checked them out in the store and they are so comfy. Bought two lol  Use them to lay back in while looking for meteors.  Zero gravity lay down lawn chair thingies.  Still have the old steal chairs too but those are for company now lol Not really, anyone can sit in any chair at my porch... Just as long as its not in my chair :O)

Patches has been doing fine, cant believe she is going to be 12 this spring. Time sure speeds up the older you get it seems like. Shes still a pain in my butt so all is normal with hers and my love hate relationship lol   

No goats yet :O(  still no pen yet :O(  trying to get abunch of other projects finished up before starting anything else new.  too many irons in the fire :O/   I don't know if I said anything or not but I bought another window ac unit for this summer, it really didn't raise my electric bill too much more, about 30 dollars actually. The first one isn't working near as had to keep the house cool now with the second one going, I have both on low usually and it stays at a steady 70 degrees in the house even on the hottest of days.  I just cant take the heat anymore.  My Lupus Has been acting up lately so that slows me down some as well.  Some days it just pretty hard to get going and some days I don't get going lol Its really not funny but it is what you make of it I guess. 

The chicken pvc pipe chicken tractor thingy was a total flop. Its in pieces now, was a exspensive learning curve :O( I'm taking it apart and saving what I can from it. The chicken kept using it but it was looking pretty sad.
got a call, be back in a little bit :O) Be safe all