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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dads old pickup

This is Dads old 1940 GMC pickup. It originally came out with a straight six engine and a 4 speed tranny.  Dad modified it alittle bit lol  He put a big block Pontiac v-8 motor in it with a 4 speed automatic transmission,  changed out the rear end and front end (suspension) It was a running machine. Dad always like drag racing, from the time he could drive he was always fixing up his vehicles to run faster and better than the average car.  Motor cycles too, he owned over the years a couple of old Harleys (1950 or older) and a old 1940"s indian motor cycle also. I sure wish he would hakept them...    Back to the pickup, I moved it out to my place recently. I am going to put it in under the lean two shed that I am going to make soon to keep it out of the weather so I home, one day I will fix it back up to running condition, nothing fancy just get it running again. maybe keep the Rat rod look  :O)   


and this is my hill billy bath tub  :O)  works great.  sometimes I have to run cold water into it to cool the water down so I can take a bath.  It surprisingly does get really hot with just sitting in the sun.  So far I have not had any neibors drive by while I'm bathing lol 



Sometimes there are things that make you smile. No matter what.

concrete work

This is the form for the propane tank slab. before concrete.  duh  :O)

Part of the crew working while I was still inside finishing the floor.  They all did such a great job.  Thank you all so very much for your help...  :O)

The slab has been poured and tank set.  Its been painted since then.  looks better, now to just get it plumbed into the house.  Its white with a gray top lid.

The approach to the van trailer shed.  now I don't have to walk in the mud when it rains :O)

some of the flour that we poured in the house (shouse as a friend calls it) Shop+house=Shouse.
There was a little dribble out of the chute but I cleaned that up before it set up and became a permanent "oh sh*t"

Here is the group working their butts off. Concrete is no joke people lol  its hard work.

just a pic of the forms before we got started.

And there it is everyone.  The main and most important piece of furniture in the Shouse!!!!  The proverbial THRONE!!!!   lol    and the shower stall too.  hehe

had to take some tin off the side of the shouse to be able  to pour the north end of the floor.  Other wise we would of had to drag the concrete all the way back there.  Don't think we would have made it if we wouldn't have took the tin off.  as it was I didn't know if I was going to make it by the end of the day, we poured the floor in two sections. One at 830 am and then the other one at 230 pm and by the time we got too the end of the second one, I told my nephew that if I fell face down in the concrete to please turn me on my back to I could at least breathe lol  sad part was that I was actually kind of serious..     Getting too old and too out of shape to be doing this shit lol     
Got all the tin put back on and I am starting to frame it in. Went to the lumber yard the other day and bought the toilet and 100 2x4's.  not cheap.  I am getting so excited about my place getting closer to being able to live in it.  Every nail and board that goes up I feel one small step closer :O) Its going to take a while, long while to get it completely done but I will be moving into it before then.  You know what though? I am building it mortgage free people.  :O)  Its all mine.     and with that I will say Be safe all  :O) 


Saw a bird one day that kept messing around the trailer hitch on the fifth wheel. Took a closer look and saw that it was making a nest. I left her alone and she had some eggs and has hatched them out.  She's getting kinda used to me walking around her now, she will most of the times just sit on the nest as I walk past. 

Tried taking a good pic but it was close quarters there by the nest. That's a ray of sun shine on them :O)

looks like three of them in there.     Pretty cute :O)  in a bald fuzzy kinda way lol

I'm still here :O)

  Wow, its been way too long since I have been on here, I'v just been really busy with work and things at my place.  Where do I begin?  Well I guess I will just write about stuff as it comes up in my brain lol  might get alittle caotic .... 
  My place.  I had talked my self into having someone else pour the concrete floor in my house but for some reason the first one changed his mind on how much too charge me and I said not only no but hell no.   went from 500 too 1100 dollars.  guess he really didn't want to do it.  Kinda irrated me but ohwell.  I called another guy that I have known for a lot of years and he was all gungho about doing it but then I couldn't get ahold of him. left 3 messages and no return calls.  Not good.  Pissed me off actually, enough that I decided to hell with them and called some family members and friends and poured it ourselves....   Turned out pretty good I think lol   Not exactly the purtiest finish job but you know what? no one will see it after the carpet and tiling gets done...
  Got a little bird living on the fifthwell hitch on the camper, its got 2 baby's in its nest. and I also have a ground hog living under my van trailer shed. Saw it the other morning and didn't know what it was at first but then figured it out lol  I leave it alone and it leaves me alone so its good lol
 Got a lot of pics to post on here too, will be doing that next when I get a chance.  
   opps, got to go.   :O(   be back in a bit.  take care all  :O)