1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting irrated : /

So I'm really not getting irritated :O)  but it is rather frustrating to be able to have access to the beast pictured below lol  Its my grader at work with the snow plow on the front of it. I used to watch the grader guys back when I was a kid and I thought just how cool it would be to plow snow with the big boy toy lol  Now I am one of the boys with the big toy but theres NO SNOW!!!!!!   Everyone at work thinks I'm nuts for wanting snow to play in :O)   SO I am waiting not so patiently for a big snow storm just so I can at least play once :O)  
I got home the other day and there was still some day light left yaaaaa, days are getting longer. More day light to do stuff outside. Then when it gets hot I will be wishing for winter lol  Anyway, I decided to burn the grass off from around the lagoon.  The ground was still pretty wet so the fire didn't go very far out into the field. 

Got home tonight and thought I would see if the log splitter would start, it did so I split some wood. Gotta love the log splitter. :O)  
this is the beast log splitter that my uncle made back in the day before dirt and the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.  It works pretty good for being put together with antique parts, its just really slow and now its pretty worn out. It leaks hydraulic fluid faster than you can pour it in. I have to also hook the tractor up to it to run it off the pto.   Its just a tired machine :O)  wish I had a dime for every chunk of wood ever split on it, I wouldn't have to work :O)

This was supper last night, nuff said lol

This last weekend I went into the old rv, I was just looking around and got a few things out of it. You know, it was a really good time living in there. Sure I was ready to get out of it when I did lol but there are some really good memories in there :O)  I found crickets old bed and pillow with her blankets, I brought the blankets in and washed them and they are on the shelf now. The bed and pillow I put back in the bag and sat them on a shelf in the garage. I cant get rid of them yet. I know, way to sentimental :O) 
  I did find my wood carving tools :O)  I'v only been looking for them for about 2 yrs but hey, I know where they are now ..  I also found a dollar bill in there, its one of the dollars that I wrote my blog address on. I know I know that against the law to deface money :O)  but sometimes a person just has to live dangerously lol  anyway, I used to write it on bills at different times while on my journeys, sometimes it would be on dollars, fives twenty's and a couple of times I wrote it on some 100.00 bills.  I got to wondering if anyone ever looked my blog up after seeing it on the bills?  Sounds silly but I wish I knew.   Kinda like throwing a bottle in the river with a note in it and 3 yrs later getting a letter from a someone that found it. The guy read the note wrote down the address then put it back in the bottle and tossed it back in the river. I never heard from it again but it was cool getting the one letter :O)
Well, time to go do the dishes and make some supper. talk to you all later, be safe all :O)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

warning, De Nuded turkey photos. :O)

I went to my nephews place the other day and picked up my two turkeys.  I had to make a make shift pen to hold them for over night, I even gave them shelter. Its a old air dam off a semi.  Used to use it when I played paintball, they worked really good for shelters and it made a good shelter for the turkey too.
Frick and Frack, had to give them a name before the end.

This is the hot water bath system that I used, It works really great but for some reason it wasn't going very well plucking the turkeys so I ended up skinning them.  I think it had something to do with the fact that it was about 30 degrees when I was trying it.  Either way I said enough of that mess and made short work of them by skinning them.

This is my stainless steel table. Its really a nice table. I just would like for it to have a actual cutting top on it. Just have to be really careful to not hit the table top with the knife blade and dull it.
Its a military portable mess hall table.

This is the meat from the hen turkey, I was slacking when I butchered the male, I got a lot of meat from him. Pretty much double from what is pictured here. I saved the gizzards,hearts,livers, and a lot of small scrape pieces that I cooked up that evening for supper :O)  cant get much fresher than that :O)  I froze the rest but I am going to thaw most of it out and can it.


I stopped at the trash transfer station to visit a buddy that runs the place, was talking to him and a guy brought in a truck load of trash and dumped it out. He left and we started kicking the stuff over the edge into the trailer and I found this felet knife. Brand spanking new, I of course picked it up and took it home. Washed it up and its waiting for me to catch some fish now :O)  Its simply amazing what a person can find in the trash.

I got a craving the other day for some pumpkin pie :O)  So I made some.
Soooooo soooo goooood lol

I really  haven't been up to much lately, just work and messing around here at the house. The usual stuff, cleaned house, washed laundry and the dishes, vacuumed , just the usual stuff :O)
I have been trying to straighten up the shop though. Never ending story, I clean it up and then I drag more crap inside lol
  A buddy of mine did come over this Saturday and I welded a cattle panel back together for him.  I'm not sure who was harder on it, the cows or his boy lol  Bust we got it put back together. It sure was a pain in the ass though, the metal was really really this and I had to be careful not to melt threw it.
  Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten my front gates put up yet. The ground has been too frozen or now its too muddy but its getting dried out so one of these days soon I well get to start working on it again. 
  Went in today and helped my nephew clean up and move some stuff around at the old home place. Sure brings back a lot of memories about dad. Its really starting to look good around there, he's been busy cleaning up the place.  Still  a ways to go but its looking better.  I looked around and I have a lot of stuff there still, I really need to get one of my lean too done so I will have a place to put a lot of things from there.  Its amazing the stuff that a person collects over the years lol  some good, some ugly and some of it I'm still scratching my head and wondering why the heck did I drag some of it home lol
Iv been going through stuff, boxing some up and I'm going to load up a bunch of the stuff that I have no need for or use. They have a auction every spring up by junction city that I am going to take it too this spring. Some of its not worth much or if any but maybe someone will be able to get some use out of it. If not, then some else can pitch it lol There is a lot of stuff in my storage trailer that is simply in the way of using the space better for things (dads motorcycle) and other things. Will be nice to have the extra room.  I would actually like to make part of it into a butcher room, it costs so much money to take things to a locker plant to have it butchered anymore. Since I used to do that kind of stuff and I like it too, I might as well save some money and do it myself.