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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  Yes I know :O) its been awhile again since I have posted.  I've been busy working (at work)  and trying to get things going on the place but it seems to back fire most of the time lol  I have the floor ready to pour just getting thing lined up and people too volunteer to help is another thing :O)   Got a few but need a couple more just to make sure there are enough in case one or two cant make it at the last moment. 
  Not a lot has been happening around here, a few late spring snow storms and some thunderstorms also. We really need the rain, The ponds and lakes around here are either dry or very very low.  Matter of a fact, drove by the council grove ks lake the other day and was shocked at just how low it really was. I don't think they can use but maybe one of the many boat ramps on the lake.  Planning on taking a  exploration hike or  the ATVs down to the upper part of the lake and ride around and see the old foundations of the farms that were flooded way back in the day to make the lake. Also there are a couple of bridges that are flooded normally in the lake but not now that we plan on driving too and taking some pictures.   Should be for a fun day of exploring.
  Today while driving back from Manhattan as I crossed the Republican river I looked over at the river and saw 4 deer crossing the river.  I wish that I would have had a nice camera and time to pull over to take a picture of it.  Was so cool looking, it was over cast and trying to rain/snow and steam was raising off the river while they walked across in the water.  Would have been a really cool picture I believe :O)   Its been raining and rain/snowing off and on all day.  Finally called it a loss and parked the truck. 
  Well, not much else to say on here today, sorry :O)  just been pretty uneventful lately. 

Oh yea, here are some pictures I have taken lately from around home. This is the old air base that is just a few miles from my place. It was a training base back in the ww 2 days. It was for a long time one of the longest run ways in the united states. It was made extra long just for the training of bomber pilots before they took off for the war over in Europe.   There used to be a lot more buildings, hangers, and anything that you can think of that would of bee associated with a ww 2 air base but sadly, not too much remains today.  Couple of hangers and a few buildings and a lot of run way lol  Part of the run way has been kept up and local pilots still use it
this is one of the two hangers still there, its the smaller one. That is my Honda 650 sitting in front of it.  For some reason I didn't take a picture of the other one.  Duh!

This is the original water tower for the whole place. It was still being used up till a few years ago. the door you see is a full size door.

This is looking down one of the runways, that's looking to the east and if I had took a picture of the view looking west it would have looked identical. The little building in the left had side of the pic is a modern small plane hanger that holds about 8 planes I believe.

We have our very own "The Slabs"  lol  Unfortunalntly its all either privately owned or the city of Herington owns it so no, there are no camping allowed.

Another shot of the many Slabs that are in the area around there.  Many many building used to be here.

Patches my cat resting her head on my lap top charger cord, she likes the heat it gives off when charging lol  I wonder if she is getting any weird "rays" from it ??  lol  wouldn't affect her even if it was :O)  She beyond and "affecting"

Have driven by this giant chicken many times, finally stopped one day and took a picture of it.  Its really quite large actually, big enough that I wouldn't recommend trying to put it in your truck...   LOL   Very tempting I know but no you shouldn't....  :O)

Yes, I was making home made bread again.  No bread machine or mixer for me.  All by hand thank you very much.  I have a kitchen aid mixer but I really don't like using the thing for bread, too messy and takes tooo long lol

Used some of the bread doe to make pigs in the blankets.   Talk about making them better tasting!!! 
Okay, I'm done this time :O)  Hope you all like the pictures and the commentary's.
  Be safe all :O)