1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

more places exsplored :O)

A true fixer upper :O)  might be better off in a tent lol

This is the view from the almost tippy top of a mountain. Got alittle to harry to keep going on the bike so I stopped and took this picture.   Looks like Im on top of the world lol  okay, maybe not but it was up there pretty close to it.

Found this on the way up a goat trail, looked like the local kids were using it for a party spot.

This is looking back up at the place where I took the picture from the top of the world lol  as you can see, it was pretty close to the top.

this trail doesnt look that step in this picture but after I got started up it I was starting to question my sanity,  and as far as coming back down my spencter muscle is still sore from gripping the seat!!! 

This picture does not do this hole any justice at all!!  its a "chute" that the miners dug out from below and mined it all the way to the "grass roots" and it has sense caved in leaving this gaping hole. If you was to fall into this, I dont think the odds of you surviving the fall would be very good let alone you being in any kind of condition to crawl your way out of it. Exspecially  since there are iron gates on the opening to the actual mine.

things found and tried

sitting in the middle of now where up about 10000 ft on the side of a mountain.

this is a dynamite storage container, its even grounded in case of lightning.
But empty so there was no fun to be had lol

I dont know if this was a railroad bridge or a highway bridge but someone went through alot
of work getting it put there. Where the water falls over the edge, them are granite block, chipped square no less and laid in a grid like pattern that runs up river about 30 infront of the bridge itself. There are some serious cracks between the blocks, sure would like to get down in there and crevice them out for some gold maybe :O)

I bought a solar sun oven right before I left ks, tried it out the otherday with success :O)  This is corn bread cooking. :O)

This is some scalloped potatoes that I was preparing, unfortunantly, I got carried away when they got done and didnt take a picture. Just started eating lol

Finished corn bread, took about 30 minutes to cook with just using the sun for  the heat sorce.
the oven got to a temp of 355 degrees.  Had a golden crust on top and a crunchy bottom and sides just the way I like it :O)    Going to be making some home made bread next and some baked taters too.
When I get real brave I will thaw out the cornish hen in the freezer and make a meal. will let you all know how it turns out, with before and after pics lol

random pictures

just east of colorado springs, just happened to pull over at the right time for the windmill and setting sun to be ligned up.  Thought it was pretty cool for randomness.

Arkansas river north of Buena Vista on a co rd.

Quarts outcropping I found on one of my rides, Thats my back pack for a reference.  Pretty awsome.

Saw this guy everyday that I was parked at cache creek access road.

She's standing there in spirit .. 
Forever in my heart ..
Never forgotten .. 

still alive

I'm still alive lol  just havnt been around a good connection to post pics.  Been busy looking for places to prospect, they have changed some rules out here and it is a pain in the ass.  Plus, everyone and their dog has staked claims out here in hopes of selling them and getting rich off it.  I am currently at fairplay colo.  No fires here. yet.  I can see the smoke from the leadville fire sometimes and the one at colo springs on a really clear morning i can see the smoke. 
  Dang, its rainning. had to run to the bike and get my clean dry laundry  before it got soaked lol   Note to self,  Dont run at 10000 ft or you will fall down lol  
  Sitting here in the Park Bar, had a cheeseburger and fries,  not bad at all.  Ussing their wifi.   Was not a soul in here when I got here but since the lightning and rain started it is filling up pretty quick. 
  going to try to post some pics. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

ohyea, I left kansas for colorado lol

  Forgot to tell you all, I have left the state of Kansas :O)  I am now in Colo again for the summer.  Didn't have any problems with the rv's tranny, it does make a funny thump noise sometimes but I have no idea what it is, maybe my imagination.  You know how it is after you get something fixed after a major break down, you hear and feel every little bump vibration or ticking noise!!!  even some that don't even exsist lol 
  I thought the wind was going to be a problem but it really wasn't too bad, averaged about 7  mpg.   I left wc on sat afternoon and went to jays house for a party that he was having for a friend, was a good time seeing everyone again and visiting with everyone that I didn't even know but kinda do now :O)  Got up the next morning and had breakfast with them all and took to the road soon after. It was about 10 am when I left his place and got to Ellicott Colo at 9 pm Kansas time.   spent the night there in a back parking lot of the convenience store, not really recommended, rather noisy.  got up this morning and was on my way to the Western omelet  mmmm good.  one Harley breakfast please ...   I think that the pancakes have gotten even bigger than last time.  left there at 11 mountain time and I am here in buena vista again.
  Its sad sometimes on this trip, I keep going by places that cricket and I have stopped at in the past. Makes me miss here terribly. I knew that it was going to bother me but not this bad.  Got here to BV and stopped in the park to get water and to relax and I see all the other people with their dogs enjoying the park and I stick out like a sore thumb walking around with no dog. 

  Called Susan and Lynn, going to meet them later this after noon for supper or something.  Should be for a good time, he said something about they were having open mic again this wens and then the weekend is going to be a bike rally or something like that at the hwy dept bar. Might have to go.
  Nothing exciting happened while driving out here, wind blew in every direction at one time or another.  Missed a thunder storm, looked like it might have been nasty too.  well, nothing else to add so I am outa here to do something.  going to  get permits and memberships tomorrow to get that out of the way, might go check point bar out while I am down there to see how crowded it is or not.  The river is way down from last year, the locals are saying its the lowest they have seen it this time of year  in many many years.  Might be good for the prospectors, be able to get in behind those big boulders in the river where a person couldn't before.     anyway.  talk later to you all,  be safe.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heading out today for another summer of gold :O)

  Yep, headed out finally.  Was starting to think this day was not going to get here!   Packed the last of things in the rv, doing all my laundry up, made me a huge glass of cold ice tea,  think I have done everything I needed to get done, if not then it will just have to wait or I will have to do without lol   Have said  my goodbye's  and I am outa here!!    will keep you all updated as much as I can on here and will be posting alot of pictures again.   maybe even some videos (no promises on those though)   see you all later  :O)   

Thursday, June 7, 2012


The last few mornings this is the view that has been waking me up.  Not too bad huh?

The other night when I was driving home from Clayton and Penny's place I saw a amazing sight. It was a meteor that was burning green and blue leaving pieces of it behind in its tail while shooting across the southern sky.  It also shot down through some clouds and it would fade in and out as it passed through the clouds. It was really cool to see.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of it...