1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Catching up

  Hey there everyone :O)  Finally got some time to up date.  Iv been working like crazy this summer, gotta make that money you know. That is honestly just about all I have gotten done this summer besides mowing the yard and trimming, which I bought a new weed eater. Its a stihl :O)  love it, best weed eater I have ever owned so far. Will wait and see though, I bought a weed eater from walmart once and it out lasted two relationships for me lol  bought it in 1991 and its still running today as far as in know. my ex wife gave it away to one of her friends after it tried to eat her leg off.  hehe   

 Anyway, the garden worked out pretty good this year. got some corn, banana peppers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and tried with the cucumbers but they didn't make it for some reason.  Its all tilled up and ready for some cow manure now, just have to go get it from my farmer buddy. 

  I'm sitting here at the truck tire shop getting a steer tire put on, keep wearing out the passenger side tire on this thing. Have had it in the shop several times for alignments and repairs but it keeps wearing them out.  Soon as its done its back to work hauling rock and sand to the ready mix plants. Little circles and big circles.
  Think I might have to buy a chain saw this year too, might as well try out a stihl. Got plenty of trees to cut down this winter, for some reason the black locust trees around here have been died off the last few yrs.  cant see any bugs boring into them or anything but they have practically all died on my place. Still have plenty of other live trees but still. 

Didn't make it to Colo this year or any where else for that matter :O(  Haven't been anywhere since 2012. getting really itchy feet too.  this job crap is for the birds lol  I actually bought a lottery ticket the other day, first one in several yrs. As you noticed earlier I said I was at work so no, I didn't win lol   Might try again in a few yrs again. 

  I have some pics that I really need to post on here but the connection I have is not very good, or else I would bomb you all with allot of pictures..  Sure glad its Friday, been yet another long week. Looking forward to winter and having some time off from work, I'm thinking a good old fashion cold and snowy winter would be good :O)   sitting by the wood stove listening to it crackle and watching it snow outside, doing some wild rabbit hunting for something different to eat besides store bought stuff.  Watching some old reruns on TV and catching a nap or two :O)   I might even work on the house some lol   so glad that fall has arrived, I'm getting to the point where I just about cant tolerate the heat of summer anymore.  that's when I missed traveling the most, knowing full well that out west there are mountains and cooler temps at the higher elevations.  

 Just ate at my favorite Korean restraint :O)  Pusan restraint :O)  makes the best bulgogi around here...  And the lady that owns it (for 32 years) is so very friendly. We talk garden stuff while I eat. She even gives me seeds to plant in my garden.  Very very nice lady.  you ever get to junction city Kansas, the place is on north Washington street west side of street by the muffler shop :O)

  Well, guess its time for me to make my way home and do some stuff around there, don't get much accomplished during the week, not with working 12 and sometimes 14 hrs a day :O(    I'm thinking I better finish up with my water drainage project, rained the other night and right now I am a pretty good pond builder in front of the house lol   

                                                Be safe all :O)   talk later with ya.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back country road Memories

I got up this morning feeling pretty good and decided that I would run too town and deposit some money and do some other errands as well. Took a shower, got in the car and headed out.
  Half way to town I decided to cut off onto a gravel road that I hadn't been on in a long while.
  I went up by a pond that is huge and its a spring fed pond as well. Perfect for swimming in, just as clear as a public swimming pool. We used to go here all the time back in my youthful days :O) many a times I went to this place to cool off during the hot summers and even a few nights as well :O)
I stopped and looked at it from a memories point of few, catching the worlds largest bass (at least I thought that at the time) having camp fires and drinking beer with friends.  Swimming and swinging off the tree rope that we never did figure out who was brave enough to climb the tree to tie the rope into let alone go off the first time. Damn but it was way up there lol  Swinging off it the first time in your life was a terrifying experience to say the least lol.
 One summer particularly sticks out in my mind though, it was a summer of cruzin, girls, and beer lol  what a summer it was people :O)  Mike and I still talk about that summer, its a wonder we didn't get hurt maimed or just out right killed with some of the shit we did lol  But that is part of growning up isn't it? Finding out who you are?
  So on down the road I went, Went by the place we used to ride our atv's back in the trees and by the creek. Sometimes we didn't miss the trees.
  On down the road  I came to the place of a lot of childhood memories, mom and dad had some friends on this road, we used to go over there quite a bit when I was about 7 or 8. they would play cards and us kids would go out and have a blast in the wilds of the country :O)  One time in particular, we went way back in the trees and pasture to a pond that Gary and don knew about. Yep, it was summer and hot so we all decided to go swimming. Would have been nice if I knew how to swim lol  Nope, obviously I didn't drone but my god I sure was scared out of my mind thought that I was going too. as I drove by today and looked up the draw where the pond is you wouldn't even know its there because of all the brush that's growed up around it. Wonder how many people actually know its there?
  On down the road about 1/2 a mile is a old RR bridge over the creek, good fishing hole. My dad , cousin Jay and I went up there one week end to set bank lines and too camp for the weekend.  We were there having a good time when my wife pulled up on the bridge and honked her horn, I went up to see what she wanted and too my utmost surprise and horror she informed me that she was leaving me. No reason or why just that she was moving back to her mothers.  Needless to say the fishing trip was over for me.  granted I was the perfect husband but who is? Some years later I asked her why she left me and you know what? She told me she didn't know why.  I imagine that at the time she had her reasons but it would have been nice to have known what it precisely was.  I will never know now, she passed away this last march, cancer.  she was 49.  It was a shock to me to hear about it,  even though we were divorced and hadn't talked in years it was still a shock. No matter how things end between people, there is still a little bit of a connection to them and when its severed by death it makes you think about things. at least for me it does.
On down the road I drove into junction city where I have spent many of years running around, working and just goofing off :O)  Bought my first bottle of whiskey here with my fake id :O)  cruised many of miles up and down sixth st. and Washington. Don't want to forget the drive inn on grant ave. Its gone now, been gone for along time but the memories are still fresh :O)  The stop light too stoplight drag races in the old 1978 firebird :O)  I bought that car when I was 17, got the bank loan all on my own too thank you very much.  still have that car too. Shes not as pretty as she used to be, rust mights have not been kind to her, sitting in storage for the time being until I get things figured out so I can take her to the body shop and make her like new again :O)  Might happen, I hope :O) 
well anyway all :O)  time to go and get back into the present. Hope I haven't bored you all to much with my memory lane drive down the country roads of the past :O) 
Talk later and be safe :O)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

:O) hi

Hi there all, I have finally made it to the library on a day off from work.  I have I said that work is entirely over rated? sure it allows you to buy the things you want and think you need but it sure cuts down on the time you have to goof off. :O)  
I really haven't been up to much honestly, just work, keeping the house mostly clean, mowing the grass. you know, the mind numbing stuff. But even that in itself is gratifying too, lets you know that you are alive.
I still haven't gotten the house finished, might not get that far :O)  If I keep it ugly then I don't have to worry about anyone wanting to stay. 
The fourth of July was dads birthday, wanted to get on here and say happy birthday on the fourth but didn't make it so Happy Birthday Dad.   Didn't do much for the fourth, I did go out to my uncles place (Tinkers) and visited with all his family. Had a pretty good time.  I saw the fireworks display in my home town this year, I have to admit that it was pretty dang good.  Might be a small town (around 500 pop ) but they out did a lot of other bigger towns. Again, pretty good show.
These pictures below are just random pics that I have taken over the last months.
The walk way I made right before the major snow storm. Got tired of walking in the mud to get too the house. As you can see the snow kind a drifted around in front of the house and door. I had to go out the big shop door and then around to the front to shovel the snow so I could get the door open.


There is the drift in front before I shoveled it.

This is my new to me frig :O)  Its only one year old. works great, got it for 150.00

wood stove and stuff, random photo lol

This is the garden, not much of one but its a garden, got some tomato plants, pepper plants and some sweet corn but the deer are eating the corn before it ripe enough to eat for me. f it was cooler I would have to contemplate about putting one of them in the freezer :O)

Went outside just the other evening and this one lone thunder storm head was in the sky,  looks like a giant smoke column.  Late there were some really major storm that moved threw the area.
Here a few weeks ago we had some major wind, about 80 mph. It was blowing out of the east too. My place is tucked in behind a wind break of trees for the most part, tree line on the west north and part of the east side but that gap on the east let a lot of wind threw. Was the first time I heard the wind roar like that. Unusually I don't know the wind is blowing unless I step outside but I sure knew it that day.  So my tin shed house has been wind tested up too 80 mph and no problems.  :O)  Knock on wood.....
I am really happy with the insulation too, Its been in the 90's several times so far the summer and I have a small ac unit (supposed to cool up too 150 sq ft) and its cooling the whole place. well :O)  all 700 sq ft of it but it keeps it at a average temp of 72 to 75 degrees . It does warm up pretty quick when I have the stove top going cooking and the oven really warms things up too but doesn't take long to cool back down when I am done. I do have a fan in the bedroom pushing the ac air out into the kitchen and living room plus another in the living room circulating it but it works pretty good :O)
  My last electric bill was 89.00. I'm not complaining, I hear others talk about their bills and I feel very fortunate.  I used about  one and a half cords of wood last winter to heat my house and we had some pretty dang cold days this year. so all in all I am pretty satisfied with my choice to have that type of insulation sprayed into my house. 
  I am working on putting my concrete forms up in the shop to pour the floor, going to do it in three stages, to old and fat to do it all at one time. Got to approach things a little differently now a days :O)  Will be nice to have a concrete floor in the shop that's for sure. tired of tracking dirt into the house form the shop. Ex specially when I have to use a shop vac to vacuum the floors. Working on getting a regular house vacuum soon.
got my cloths line up, using today as I type this up. I have to go back home this afternoon and mow, again, need to weed eat too but I believe I will wait till the next time and do that in the early morning coolness.
  well all, got to go. Hope you enjoy the update :O) 
Be safe all :O)
oh yea. p.s.  My aunt and uncle went to AZ this last winter and we run their concentrates the other day and found gold in it :O)  yahoo to Peggy Gary and Matt for finding some gold.  Always happy to see someone be successful at gold prospecting and finding some color.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

:O) hi all

Still here all :O)  
Its been rather busy here. busy at work mostly. Sure would be nice to hit the lottery :O)
until then I guess I will just have to keep plugging along like most everyone else.
Iv been working on a few things around the house, got the garden going but the late freeze killed some of the plants. I have been taking pictures of things but of cource I forgot to download the pictures :O(  
This is really just a short note saying hi and I will blog again with a lot more info and pics very soon. Getting too hot to do a lot out side so I will get  this blog caught up :O) 
Got a early day tomorrow so I betr get to taking my shower and getting to bed.  Hope all is safe :O) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hi :O)

Hey all . I am still alive and kicking.  Haven't really been up to much, just work work and more work. I do have alittle new though. I bought a washer and dryer for the house .  :O)  Now I can do laundry at my very own house. Right now its a exciting being able to do laundry but give me a few month and its going to be a different story lol  In the process of scrounging up some pipes to make me a cloths line outside too. No need to heat the house up even more this summer drying cloths inside than I have too.  Besides that I like the way cloths smell and feel after being dried outside :O)
I live on a gravel road but with the very few cars that go by in a day it wont hurt a thing.
  Yesterday was my daughters Birthday, she is 29 now.  Happy Birthday Heather.
  I have gotten the garden ready for planting, hope to have a good one this year. wont be a lot of stuff, corn, tomatoes, radishes, squash, some peas and carrots maybe,  don't want to get all crazy with it since I wont have a lot of time to keep on top of it. I don't like a weed patch garden.  I'm also planting a asparagus patch too. 
  Like I said, really haven't been up to much at all just working to pay for the washer and dryer and putting some in the coffee can :)  
My aunt  whom I love very very much lol  told me that she would teach me how to can everything too. They had chicken on sale the other day, I should of bought a bunch of it but didn't have extra money at the time.  Next time I will and I'll have her help me :O)  well people, I'm just rambling so I will talk with you all later, I will be getting the Internet hooked up at my place one of these days and then I can keep up with my blog a lot better. until then :O) be safe all. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

blog problems

Hi all, Don't know if this is going to work or not. Iv been having major malfunctions while trying to sign into my blog. And no its not me :O) at least I don't believe it is but could be lol 
  I still haven't been up too much, did some work on the house, cut firewood, Its been coder than a witches ----- one week then the next its like summer.  Iv been working off and on when I can, ready for the weather to break. 
  Working on getting Internet into the house, that will be nice to be able to blog whenever I want and too surf the net whenever. I do miss having that kind of information handy.
  Planning on either going to Nome Alaska this summer or just a trip too Colorado, need a break from everything. Need to do alittle traveling :O)  sure do miss that but it awful nice to have a home too :O)  Guess I want my cake and to eat it also. 
  Here a while back the prices of propane sky rocketed!!!!!  freaking ridiculous was up too 520 a gallon for a short while, its down too 2.79 a gallon as of the other day but that's still way high as far as I'm concerned. So glad that my house is so well insulated. I had 250 gallon put in on Nov 5th which brought the gauge up too 48 % looked at it yesterday and it was reading 28% . not too bad for using it for the hot water heater, heat back up furnace and the cook stove.  I'm happy with it. now to just wait until propane gets cheaper and then fill it up this summer when it is cheaper to get ready for next winter.
  Planning on putting in a garden this year, not a real big one just one that will help out some with the grocery bill and be manageable for just me.  Going to be planting a few tree also. Thinking about getting some bee boxes also. nothing like some honey on your toast in the morning :O)  As soon as the ground in workable I'm going to work up a plot of ground for a asparagus bed, love that stuff, could make a meal out of just asparagus :O)    Getting things together to build a chicken coop as well, got to have some chickens and also some peacocks.   Got to find some pipe so I can build me a cloths line also, be cheaper than using the dryer.
  well, got to go, between surfing and here I have run out my too hrs at the library using there Internet, she giving me the look :O)   hope all is well and have stayed warm this winter, talk to you all again soon I hope,  Be safe all :O)

PS  While I was out running around in Colo I took and wrote my blog address on some dollar bills (I know, its illegal) I wonder if any of my readers have come across any of them?  If you have, would you message me maybe?  thanks :O)    later all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

hi all :O)

 Well, what can I say. I haven't been up to anything constructive at all.  Sad to say but its the truth. Since I moved in to the house I have been lazy. Fat man lazy. Drive a stake beside me to See if I have moved lazy..   eat sleep poop lazy lol   sorry, kinda graphic there but its the truth. :O)  I have been working off and on at work but not on the house and I feel kinda guilty about it but I guess not enough to get off  my ass and get busy....  Iv been just enjoying lounging around, doing dishes, flushing a toilet, sleeping in a bed (even if its home made and redneck)  :O)  I have cut firewood on several occasions and have done odd ball things off and on with the house. I ought to be finishing up the mudding sanding and painting in the bedroom but I haven't.
  Like I said earlier, I have been LAZY LAZY.  It feels so good though lol  I have been thinking about getting busy though :O)  That's a start isn't it???

  I am very happy with the house though, its actually becoming my home very quickly. getting stuff put up on the walls, pics ect.  the wood stove works really good, matter of a fact it works alittle too good most of the time. The insulation that I had sprayed in is the best stuff I have ever seen. On days that it was in the - degrees I still had the window opened up alittle and the front door open and the glass window on the screen door cracked open a few inches as well.  People probably think that I'm stupid when they drive by and see the windows and door open lol  since I have moved in which was dec 22, I have burned maybe 1/2 a cord of wood. That's it. :O)  I had the propane tank partially filled when they fixed it. It was at 48 % and I checked it today and its at 32%  I run the hot water heater, cook stove and the propane wall furnace with it. cant remember exactly when I got it fixed but its been atleast 2 or 2.5 months ago. or longer.   Im really happy with the way it stays warm. I just hope that it works just as well this summer in keeping the heat out and the cold in :O) 
  I was also worried about rain noise, wind noise but I don't. the wind was blowing 30 mph constant with 45 mph gusts and I would just barely hear the gusts of wind. 
 Its been cold warm cold warm again and then mon and tues its going to be in the teens. Typical Kansas weather lol  Iv been working off and on this last week and next week.

  going to cut this short, sorry, will make up for it with my next post. I just really wanted to get on here and say hi to all my readers from all over the world :O)   Be safe all :O)