1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

never heard about htis but its cool   

It amazes me that it was not in the news or else I was living under a rock about this time.    Just wanted to share this with you all. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


   Today the family and I put the rest of dads ashes in the ground, no more is he running around with me all over the place..  Only in thoughts and in my heart :O)    Not allot to say about it actually, Don't know why.   To me, when I put some of dads ashes at wolf creek pass was my time to say good bye to him so today I was not that bothered by what I was doing. Its what he wanted and I have fulfilled my promise to him. 
  We  all had a good time, talked about some things that dad had done and things that we remembered about him. Joked around some about a few things and had a moment of silence for him. Was a good day.  Love you and miss you Dad, You will be forever remembered and loved.

things that make you go "Hmmmmm?"

This sail boat is sitting out in the middle of no where, in the middle of all these trees in the middle of a field. There is another smaller sail boat and 2 motor boats. Only one is any kind of shape is this larger sail boat but it is in really rough condition.   Last time it was registered was in Florida.

the cabin is pretty bad condition and it smells.

this is one of the large airplane hangers that is still there at the herington air port. It originally started out as a training base for bomber planes back in ww2.  they closed in some years later and this is about all thats left. a few buildings and a bunch of old foundations.  They runways are still there, if you google earth this place you can see it all from a birds eye and its really cool.  There isa large feed lot that uses one of the runways for its cattle pens too.  
  Back in teh day a bunch of use used to go over there in the winter after a ice storm and play on the runways.  Get up some speed and crank the wheel and hit the gas lol  would slide and spin circle for ever it seemed like :O)   No one ever got hurt but a few fenders got wrinkled lol   I wonder if any of the younger generation does that anymore? 

a shot of just one of the many runway aprons that are along the runways. I couldn't get a pic of the run ways but like I said, google earth it and you will see just how big it was.   google either herington ks airport or delevan ks and go north about a mile or 2

this hanger used to welches welding and manufacturing plant, They used to make farm implements. My dad worked here for a short bit and I used to go hang out with him sometimes. The owner of the place was also into gold mining.  He used to tell me stories so imagine that is in part where I got interested in gold mining lol   He was a hard rock mining though.

one of the many many foundations that are all over the place. It was a huge place in its day.

dont think I want to fly this one :O)

something different

didn't know there was some posts surrounding it, used to have chains on it but long gone.

missing a few  pieces here and there.  Some body has not been to kind to this statue.

kinda old huh :O)

this is the view from the co rd. Its on the corner of skiddy rd and J-hill rd in geary co kansas.  I have looked at this thing all my life and finally, 45 yrs later i climbed to the top of the hill and got a close look at it finally :O)   Used to be able to see it really good but the trees and shrubs have kinda grew up and just about got it hide from few.   It has seen alot better days, looks like somebody would take care of it. Maybe a historical society or something like that.    You can see alot from the top but I have no idea what its there for. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


saw this on another blog, thought it was hilarious and felt the need to share it. Have to find a glass worker to make me one. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

over haulin

Hi all,  hope everyone is doing great.  I have been pretty stagnant  here lately but getting things lined out for hitting the road soon.  Been remodeling some things in the rv and doing some junking for Gary while I have been parking in their drive way.   Got to take another load to town today and stop by the hardware store and get some brackets and such for my remodeling projects.  I am also looking into some solar panels to charge my batts, any suggestions anyone?  I could sure us some advise.  I dont mind spending the money on stuff like that because it will make me even more independent but I just need to know what type  or how many so I'm not wasting money.
 Stopped and talked to a guy about some a while back and all he wanted to do was sell me "his" brand or cells. Was rather expensive and way bigger than I need. Tried telling him that but he just didnt think he needed to listen to what I had to say.  I left without buying anything. 
  Its going to be very nice here weather wise so If i can get everything done up I am going to go to the lake and do some fishing and just relax.  I miss being out in the middle of now where listening to the peace and quiet :O)  Going for walks seeing new things and maybe catching a glimpse of a animal that I normally would never get to see.    :(  miss that.   
 Cricket is doing good, she is missing being on the road.  She refuses to let me go anywhere by myself and when she has to stay behind she is not a happy camper lol  So spoiled!!!  wouldnt have her any other way :O)  
 Better get busy so I can get to town to get my stuff I need.  Talk alittle later all, got a few cool pics of things around here that are everyday normal to us around here but you all might find it interesting.  post them later.              Be safe all :O)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a change in plans

  Well, how do I say this?  I am going to head back to Colorado for a while.  Not sure on when I am going ot leave just yet, have to get some things in order  (again) lol  Going back out there and then heading down towards Arizona for the winter, for at least part of it anyway.  It has been really nice to be back home for  a while but the traveling bug is making me itch again sooooo.  Will let everyone know for sure when I'm going to take off again, just miss traveling and seeing things.  Got to order the dredge attachment for the high banker and wait for it to get in before leaving, or I might have it shipped to salida and just pick it up there.  Not sure.
 Cricket and I went to the vet fri, she is doing good. Just had to up one of her heart meds alittle and get some more flea stuff.   When I called the vet office out in b.v. colo  to get her records sent here Susan ( Lynn's wife)  answered the phone and was tickled to death to hear from us. She said that when we get back out there that we had to go out to eat at the Chinese place lol   
  So I'm getting things in order and looking forward to going back out there to do some more prospecting. The weather will be alot cooler lol  really looking forward to that!!!  Looked up b.v.'s weather and its in the 70's during the day and in the 40's at night.  yeeehaaaa.     anyway, going to go to bed now so will talk later to you all :O)   be safe.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello all

  I apologize for not keeping up with the blog like I should have.  I got back and really got lazy I guess.  Its been really hot here , I am ready to go back to colo for the cool weather lol .  Cricket has been doing okay considering teh heat, she stays inside in the ac alot but she has been looking like she doesn't feel good or something lately. Going to take her to the vet tomorrow and see if she is doing okay or not.   Need to give her another bath, she went under the truck day before yesterday and rubbed on something with oil on it. And no, its not he oil making her feel bad, I cleaned it all off :O)  But she still needs a bath though.  :O)
  I really haven't been up to much really, helped my uncle some tearing down the old gas station here in white city.  Had to get a new phone, I guess the company I had been working for finally realized that they hadn't shut my company cell phone off lol  it only took them 8 months.  got one of those straight talk phones from walmart, not a bad phone.  It gets good signal and so far I haven't had anything bad to say about it.  cant complain about 45 dollars a month for unlimited talk text and web. 
  Worked on the pickup getting it back into shape, tried to get the ac fixed but no luck so far :O)   Went to town today while it was 108 degrees with no ac,  talk about warm!!!  Cricket wasn't impressed lol 
  I;m getting antsy again, wouldn't mind going somewhere but don't know where and in this heat it would be miserable anyway.  But I am waiting for the weather to break so cricket and I can get on the road again, even if its just for a short trip.  We keep talking about going to Arizona this winter so maybe I will leave ahead of everyone and take my time going to Stanton Arizona and meet down there.  Not sure.  If I stay in the lower elevations then cricket should be okay, just depends on what the vet says tomorrow.  and the heat!!!  Damn its hot here, did I tell you that already?  lol    been surfing alot, nothing in particular just stuff. 
 well, better go for now,  will get back on here when I have something interesting :O)  going to take some day trips and take some pics from around here. Some of the stuff I have in mind will be pretty cool maybe to all of you, I hope.    nite all   be safe