1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm still here :O)

Hey all,  How's everyone been? Good I hope :O)  I'v been pretty busy with things around here and at work. Doesn't seem to be enough time or enough energy to get all the things I want to get done in a day.   The weather has been getting spring crazy again, thankfully we haven't been getting the really bad stuff around here. Been getting rain lately but that is a good thing, we had been so dry for quite a while.  its good to see some mudd around.
  Like usual I have way too many projects going :O)   Looks like I would learn someday to limit myself and when I get some done just to take some time and relax but nooooo, lol I just keep starting new ones.   Got a bunch of pictures here so I hope you enjoy them :O)
  I was out checking my route at work one day and went down another co-workers road and found this, pretty cool :O)  I have that same design on a bookend that my grandfather used to have. Its The Trails End. For those that don't know. :O)
One night I was wanting to do something different than set in front of the computer or tv so I lite a fire :O)  Was a picture perfect night, no wind, no bugs lol, a full moon, and a ice cold beer.  :O)
Was a nice night to just sit there and listen to the fire crackling and the coyotes howling off in the distance.

I went over to my nephews place to visit and came home with some eggs, and yes, one was a goose egg.  The other is a regular chicken egg for comparison.

and yes lol I cooked it.  Goose eggs are a whole lotta egg :O)  Honestly though, it was too much egg. I didn't care for the egg whites either, it didn't cook up like a regular egg. Not as white, it was just a visual thing for me I guess and the yoke was too much too.    But wouldn't it make for one amazingly joke of a devilled egg?  lol

As we all know I have been building my porch lately, not making a whole lot of progress but I am working on it lol  I got the tractor out the other day and started back filling it getting ready for some concrete. still have a ways to go with the dirt. Need to get after it and get it formed up[ and poured so I can start enjoying it.

Here's a pic of my booboo that I put on my head here a while back, its healing nicely but I have a pretty good dent in my head though. The other day I had a pimple like bump come up on the scar, I kept messing with it and a piece of something came out of it. It was a sliver of what honestly looked like a sliver of bone.  I really don't know what else it would of been, it was weird. I would of thought when the nurse was cleaning it up that she would have seen it or gotten it out.  I don't know lol but the spot has healed up now that it (whatever it) has been removed.

bought some tomato plants the other day, they are actually in the garden now, I am going to try something different this yr with some of the produce. I'm going to dehydrate some things and see how I like that.    I keep ready articles about how easy it is to cook with dehydrated stuff and storage is easier too.  we will see.

At work we have been tearing out and repairing the concrete at the court house parking lot. Its done now thank goodness.....   I am glad to be back on my route and away from that lol

This is a chicken pen, I saw the design in a magazine that I subscribe too. I was actually going to use 1 inch pvc pipe like the article did but they didn't have all the right fittings in 1 inch but they did in 3/4 so I used the 3/4.  Don't, its too flimsy but it will work.  and also build it with the design of a regular building. straight sides and a pitched roof, it will work better in the long run I believe.   This one will work but its not builder friendly.... In my opinion...  I have all the wire on it but I need to put the tarp over the top for shade and shelter from rain.
  Im actually going to build a chicken coop and a regular chicken pen in the near future. I will then turn this into a green house most likely. will work much better for that than a chicken pen.  but for now its fine for the chickens.

Yes :O)   I have chickens now.  Yes, they are all roosters lol   I will be doing some trading or they will be going in the skillet :O)    Some of the roosters a such bully's, there are two wile smaller roosters that they all pick on. One lives down in the trees and the other lives in the old pickup bed inside a old model a ford car body lol   Its his hiding spot.  :O) 

The big white one is the ruler of the flock. He is one mean ass chicken.....

On my route I saw a squirrel running around, it ran into this hole in the tree.  He was peeking in and out but I couldn't get a good pic of it.

This is actually a video but yet again I have done something wrong while posting it because it wont work either :O( I really need to figure out what I am doing wrong..

Picture of the garden, potatoes are in the first two rows from the left side. Then two roes of sweet corn, first two of several rows of corn. I am hoping that I actually get some of the corn this year before the coons or deer get to it.... You can see one of the tomato cages on the far right of the picture. all together I have 12 tomato plants. Too many but all they had was 6 plants to a flat. and I wanted two different types sooooo, I will have plenty of tomatoes this year.

this is a Killdeer bird, it layed its eggs in the windrow of gravel on my route, she refused to move form her nest.  Forty five thousand pound huge machine and she wouldn't baack off. Maternal instincts are strong in some critters. That's the blade from my machine on the left side of the picture.  I actually bladed the road around her and her nest of eggs lol  
You can actually see her eggs just to the right of her in the picture.

just another picture of the Killdeer

  So this has what I have been up too mostly, I have to get busy and mow the yard, will do that this weekend if its dry enough.  In other news I called dig safe and got them to mark where the phone line comes thru the yard into the house. Im getting ready to put the recessed gate entrance in, will be working on that this weekend as well.  will be nice to have that done and out of the way and I wont have to worry about wildlife getting in and eating the chickens..
  I have been having trouble with the flu or something lately, it has not been pleasant to say the least :/   I hope that it passes soon,  very soon lol  
And with that :O)  I will say talk to you all later and be safe :O)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

well that hurt lol graphic photos.

Well, lets see. where to start with this story lol
I was at work and was going to put up a reflector sign warning people of a culvert end that was there. I had started using the steel post driver and it went bad very quickly.
  When I put it on the steel post I noticed that it was really short but thought it would work fine. I got it started and a couple of wacks into it I lifted it up to really drive it down hard, yes lol you guessed it I lifted it completely off the steel post and then brought it down onto the top of the post that in turn made the top (the heavy end) to come down on the top of my head.  Kathunk was the sound it made while stars danced in my vision and my teeth clacked together. I felt my head to see if it was bleeding and it wasn't that much, then two secs later it turned into a blood bath.   Called the office and got help out there to take me to the hospital, there they asked me if I wanted stitches or staples. Either I get 8 to 10 stitches or 3 to 4 staples, I chose the staples.  They said it wouldn't hurt much at all, that little kids get staples all the time without getting deadening shots.  So hey I thought, how bad can it be lol   let me tell you something, I don't want to meet them "little kids" in a dark alley because they are some tough little shits!!!   I will not do that again unless they deaden it first!!!  lol
but anyway, I got 3 staples and a bad headache out of it all. and  a sucker for doing really good lol

and yes :O/  I know that I don't have a lot of hair anymore lol
So I imagine at the next safety meeting it will be about wearing hard hat :O)
Thought I would share my adventure with you all :O)  take care and be safe :O)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

sometimes you just have to laugh at your luck

  So ok lol  I told you all about going to my doc appointment and when I was there she told me I had to keep my incisions on my legs covered. So ok no problem. Went to walmart to buy some large band aides, Didn't have anymore at home. That's why I didn't have them covered when I went ot the appointment. Anyway, I found the ones I needed, bought them. I bought some extra large for the big incision, some just large ones for the other incision. I even bought the higher priced large ones with the Neosporin on the band aide already.    Came home.  No problem.  I took a shower that night and didn't put any on so it could get some air during the night to help it heal faster. That's according to what the doctor told me to do, and we all know that I follow direction to the letter lol  we sometimes maybe :O)   
  so I got up the next morning, took a shower as told, put the smaller one on then went to put the large one on.  Opened the box and nothing. I mean nothing, empty box. Not even dust in there, just plain empty.....    That my friends is the type of luck that I have generally lol   So I just smeared a bunch of Neosporin on it and just going with it.    
 It was actually funny to me, to buy a sealed box that was empty. Sure its a pain in the butt but hey, could of been worse. There could of been a nasty spider in the box.  
 I felt like I needed to share that with you all :O)  Hope you all got a chuckle out of it ::O)  
  Take care and be safe.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


  Hey all, not much going on here at all. People are burning a lot of their pastures around here so I burnt my place off too. 
no this isn't my place lol  just a pic of a grass fire in a big pasture.
This is my mighty fire :O)

 I got most of it burnt this evening until the grass got too humid and went out on its own. It should really make it nice and green later this spring.  I also burnt the old hay and bailing twine in the front yard too, now I can mow without worrying about getting the twine all wrapped up in the mower. Every once in a while during the summers I would get to close to it and it would get messy.
My leg is feeling better now but unfortunately it has gotten alittle infected.  The doctors said it will be okay but we are medicating it.  Come to find out the problem was a cyst that had burst inside my leg, no wonder it was hurting a being a problem.  She said she was really grateful that she didn't cut into it in the doctor office.  She said it would have been a problem.  Everything else is good to go though :O)
  The First was my daughters 31st birthday, I wish things were different between her and I.
I miss you and love you.