1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I took cricket to the vet, she is fine now. They said that she might have ate some deer poop and that will give dogs the diarrhea. I had them express her glands again and he said that since I just had it done 5 months ago that I will have to keep a close eye on it or it could get bad. He also told me that cricket has a heart murmur…. Its not bad right now but I have to be careful with her and pay attention. He said that there is medicine she can take to help her if it get any worse. Other than that the little girl is doing great and loving it out here. :O)

Just found the location thingy on here lol  guess I should have been doing that all along. I will try to remember that I need to do that so you can follow me at a glance 
 I'm sitting here is a bar in fairplay, really cool looking place for a bar. the people are really friendly. Might have to come back over here tonight and shoot some pool and meet some of the locals.   I'm not sure which direction I am going to go this time, have to flip a coin I guess :O)  I do believe that I will be staying below 10000 feet though,  It was okay but you run out of breath really fast. 
 Just texted with my sis angel, she is in eagle new Mexico with her husband visiting his family.  Wish that I could go down and see her but its not in the works right now. maybe the next time.   I wouldn't mind seeing the back roads of new Mexico.    Well, better get off here for a while and check the maps and check on cricket dog :O)  she hates it when I have to leave her in the rv.    Talk later all and be safe :O)

more pics

i guess they dont call it beaver creek for nothing lol   this thing has rocks the size of a baby's head mixed in there with all the sticks and mud.  This one is just alittle taller than I am. So I would guess 7 feet.  

this is the top side of the beaver dam.
this fence was covered with all types of shoes for about 1/2 mile on both sides.  there are tennis shoes, hiking boots, ski boots everything but a pr of work boots Ssssoooooooo   lol

                                                                                                             I added a pair of boots of mine :O)

fairplay colo / beaver cr.

I have been up at Beaver creek co for the last 6 days so far, about 10900 ft above sea level. Yes, it was hard to breath at first lol I’m at the GPOC claim here and across the creek there is a old mining operation, I took several pics of the old stuff around there.

Found this jack rabbits foot in the tree just like the pic shows, I don’t think that it was very lucky for him so I left it there. I need better luck than that lol

These owls were in the park at Buena vista, one adult and two babies. They sat there all day long watching everyone walk around the park. I was extra careful with cricket because the adult was eyeballing her pretty hard. The park was a really nice one too, couldn’t stay over night but you could hang out all day. There was bathrooms and water hydrants and you could dump your trash there in the bin. I also found a place on the east end of main street by the activities park that have restrooms and a public shower. It costs you a dollar for 3 minutes, it took me 3 dollars to get clean just stand there in the hot spray of water :O) It felt sooooo GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!! Lol I do miss my hot showers with water pressure..

This old shovel is something out of the mad max movie I am pretty sure :O) It could be related to dads loader which his dad had started building and using back in the 40’s. They look like they were built by the same person. What do you think clayt? Lol I don’t think we can drive her home though so you might want to bring a trailer lol

This is the view I had from the top of a mountain ridge that I climbed the other day, took me 2.5 hrs to climb it and about 45 min to come back down lol Didn’t see any animals except squirrels birds and ants… Lots of huge ant hills around here, got to be careful where you stop to rest at because sometimes, they don’t make ant hills they just kind of make their home at ground level.. Cricket started hoping around like a crazy dog and come to find out she had stopped in one such place.. She is more observant of the ground now :O)
Okay, so they are not whales but they were fun to catch. About froze my feet off standing in the water to catch them. I guess this is as big as they get up here, They are called browns I guess from what one guy was telling me. There are some beaver ponds here too, some really big ones. Probably about head high to me. I have learned one thing too, when it comes about time for the sun to set, you go inside because the mosquitoes from the beaver ponds come out to play!!!!
The side of the mountain by the old gold mine had these flowers all over it, thought I would share them with you all :O

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunsets and cricket and more rambling

I couldn't decide on which picture to post  so I put both of them on here :O)  hope you enjoy them.

Cricket enjoying the stream :O)   I think that she is part lab or something because she really likes the water. It looks deeper than you might think.  I jumped over it and she thought she needed to be on the other side too,  jumped right in and barely made it across.  I made her a bridge out of some boards but I forgot to take a picture of her crossing over it.  When she went across it you could see on her face and actions that she thought that it was pretty cool to get across the stream without getting wet.  lol

We also saw a few animals while we were hiking around,  one evening we saw a hen grouse with 2 little babies, she was doing the fake hurt bird thing trying to lead us away from her babies that where scrambling down the mountain side.  The stood about 2 inch's high but they sure could move..  The hen stayed about 5 to 10 feet away from us the whole time until we took another path away from them so she could go round them up again :O) 
 then just yester day we saw a deer as we were walking down the road, it wasn't but 20 ft from us and there we all stood looking at each other like who is going to make the first move. I did, i reached for the camera and that's all it took, the moment was gone :)  he took to the hills.

This morning I was cleaning up camp and putting things away, took the humming bird feeder down to rinse it out and while i was squatting there with the bottom of the feeder in my hand at head level I heard a humming bird that was real close!! looked up and there he was trying to get a drink out of it, we looked at each other eye to eye
about 12 inches from each other lol   I didn't know if he was going to poke my eye out or what for taking away his lunch buffet.  :O)   I would loved to have had a picture of that.

Another odity on the side of a mountain I saw,  what does it look like to you all?    Maybe I have been by myself too long lol   Crickets not speaking english to me yet but I do know what she is saying most of the time.  :O)

Here it is!!!   My hard won Gold  that I dug a hole the size of a voltswagon lol   not really,   not the hole but all teh gold.  There is more in there I just took a small sample out to pan and this is what I got out of it.  Doesnt look like much but it worth evey penny I have spent to get here and to to this.     

Just a random picture that was put on this entry by the water soaked camera I think or I hit a wrong button again  lol

just rambling

Friday the 17 of June 2011. Cleaning day for me. Fired up the generator and got the vacuum cleaner out and went to town cleaning the floor closets anything with dust or debris. Its amazing that no matter how careful you are not to track stuff into the home you still get it!!! I blame cricket and she blames the cat and the cat blames me so you can see that it is a vicious cycles that we have going on here lol
While I am vacuuming and cleaning I’m also charging the rv batteries and all the other things like the phone, mp3 player ( yea, I’m not cool enough to have a ipod) lol I’m doing this in the middle of the day when the other campers are off doing their thing so I don’t disturb anyone too much. Some people don’t know how to be polite with their generators, they think that they need to run them in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. Grrrrr. One of my pet peeves.
Its been cloudy the last couple of days, making it hard for the solar panels to keep up. Its actually started sprinkling just a min ago. They could sure use a good rain around here, then maybe I can have a camp fire. Banned right now. Haven’t really doing a lot but taking some hikes around to see what I can find, been keeping a eye open for a elk antler or deer but no such luck so far. I am curious though about something here though, its water runoff ditches that have been dug along the hill sides following the contours like a terrace does. The little brook that is running right beside the camper is one of such(canals?) There are a bunch of old ones all over r the place. I might just follow this one and see where it goes too. I’m thinking that maybe they diverted the water to go to a place that the old gold miners might have been working and needed water so they made them. Don’t know, have to get back to you all on that one after I check it out.
Cricket has been sick, started out with diarrhea then stopped and then came back and then she vomited a couple of times. She is acting better but she worries me, she went out side this morning and laid down in the grass lining the brook in the water. After that is when she started acting a little better. Might have to go find a vet to have her checked out if it keeps up.

Oh yea! I did a dumb A$$ thing with the camera. I know better than to put anything in my shirt pocket around water, yep, you guessed it. Into the drink it went, completely submersed for a 1.3 seconds but long enough to mess it all up. Saved the pictures off it and tried drying it out the best I could. Was really pissed at myself for being so careless and not wanting to spend another 100 dollars to replace it… 2 days after it went swimming to the bottom of the creek I thought I would try it one last time and low and behold, the dang thing worked :O) could not believe it. The view screen looks a little weird but it works, not sure just how long but it works lol Whew!!!
Went for a bike ride the other day, it was really fun ……. For awhile. Rode up the hill a short ways (½) mile felt really good and was impressed with myself. Turned around and came sailing down the hill to the RV, it was quite refreshing actually. Wasn’t tired at all and I got too thinking to myself ( I need to stop listening to myself when on a bike ) I decided I would ride it down this trail and see where it goes, wasn’t all that steep to look at, went sailing down that trail like I owned it!!! Hit some loose gravel and fish tailed a little, :O) got the Adrenalin pumping a little. Decided that I had better stop and check things out for a little while, all was fine and nothing interesting there. Figured I had better head back to the RV because I knew that cricket was pissed off because I didn’t take her with me. Started pedaling back (up hill) and shifted down, and shifted down again and again until it wouldn’t shift down anymore and I was not making much headway going UP HILL !!! Stopped, checked the brakes out (thought they might be dragging me down) but no, nothing wrong with the bike, it was ME!!! Lol needless to day, I pushed that bike 1 mile back to the RV, hung it back up on its hooks and it will only be a flat lander bike or a down hill emergency bike lol maybe when I am in better shape then maybe I will ride it again but until then, I will stick to hiking. :O)

hi :O)

   I was checking out the scenery while driving north up towards Nathrop Colorado and looked out the window too the west and saw this up on the side of the mountain.. Can anyone else see what I see up there?? Its really cool I think and it should be pretty easy to see :O) but just in case, think Christmas show, it was my favorite back when I was a kid :O) come on you all, post a comment :O)
this is the spot I was camped in from Monday to today (Sunday)  Cricket and I hiked all over the place and we even found some gold (two specks) in the stream right in front of the camper.  there was these canal things dug all over the side of the mountain that was used for running water to where they wanted it i assume. Followed on of them for about 2.5 miles and never came to the end. 

BEAR POOP!!!!    I cant believe it!!    But know that I think about it, its probably from that escaped bear from the zoo that I heard about or he was on fulow lol   Because we all know there are no wild bears in colo!!!   :O)   I dont care what you say penny,  it was abig dog you saw lol

Sunday, June 12, 2011

oh yea... target shooting :O)

I spent one afternoon sighting in my little daisy 22 cal single shot bolt action rifle, I shot this toy ambulance at 35 yrds with open sights.  I think I'm ready for some rabbit hunting now clayt lol 
 I found all kinds of action figures and stuff like that in a trash pile that someone had dumped at this quarry where I spent 2 nights at. I put them up on the quarry walls and shot at'em  :O)   it was fun and cured my fit of boredom that I was in.    ok,  later all 


Going to have to move soon, my 14 days are about up for this region.  Going to move to the north aways, not sure exactly where yet.  Everything is going fine,  had supper last night at the river bank with one of the ussuals that hang out at the boat ramp area.  Home cook Cajun shrimp, steaks and squash.  It was okay but when your bindging for Chinese it a poor substitute lol   but it was good.  finding a place to get Internet is pretty easy around here but finding a place to plug the laptop in is another story. Still looking for the plug in, been charging it when I drive down the road and that only works soso.     anyway, got to go get gas and maybe with some luck I will find a Chinese place on the gps  lol   later all   be safe  :O)

just rambling about things

This is crazy, I have meet more homeless people on the road than I could ever have imagined. I guess you hear about it on TV all the time and you know its there but it honestly doesn’t sink in until you see it first hand. You see them and you know right off sometimes and then you look at someone and think that it looks like they have it all together only to get to talking to them and you find out that they are homeless. They will tell you your story willingly, I guess that they need for someone to hear what they have been going through or something. Maybe its just to talk and maybe get some reassurance that things will be okay again for them.
Then, there is the other homeless that have issues. I have run into a few of them and its not good sometimes. You sense something is not right with them but before you figure it out your in a conversation with them and there it is and your left trying to figure out how your going to excuse yourself from their company without them getting all fired up… Sometimes you can if your lucky.
Makes me wonder what is going to happen to these people. Will they find a home and get help or will they forever wander the streets and roads of our country?
The other day I was doing laundry when in walked this attractive women, except for her hair. I do not understand the dread lock thing!! Looks nasty to me, and dirty and I think that automatically. I know that I shouldn’t, that it is profiling but dang people :O) anyway, actually started talking to her and found out that she is living out of her car. She didn’t go into great detail about it just that she was a trail guide out here in colo during the summer. She goes out for two weeks at a time with this job. While we were talking another guy joined our conversation about how he was homeless too and he went on to tell us both where we could get drinking water and not be hassled parking in some places around town. He looked like a college professor or something to that nature but I don’t know, never asked him. There was 4 people in there doing laundry that day that are homeless, wonder what kind of crowd I see tomorrow??
Then there is the young travelers, hitch hikers, hobos who, some have a home (some don’t) that they can go back too. I am talking about the ones that have money in their pocket and a mom and dad that they can call on their cell phone if they need too. I saw one sitting on a corner with a sign that read, “homeless and broke trying to get home to sick mother.” talking on his cell phone to his mother (who wasn’t sick) telling her where to wire the money because he was down to 1200.00 and he wanted to fly to Washington state with some friends….. You see it all out here :O) its truly an experience for me to see this first hand. Like I said earlier, you see it and hear about it all the time but until you SEE IT first hand you really don’t see it. If this makes any kind of sense lol anyway, having fun watching people and talking to them. One of my favorite things to do by the way. Later all be safe :O)

pictures again

they built their outhouses tough back in the day.

Guess the last one to use it didnt make it out lol

Here is the rv from ontop of a ridge that cricket and I climbed to get cell phone service

I'm not sure what this is but I believe that it was part of a crude smelter operation. there was all kinds of diggings and holes all around there. Just about got into a mess driving in there though,  lol  have to do more scouting before I commit myself to places.  

more pics

Here is your train car home peggy :O)   might have to fight the rodents for it.

just a pretty sun set, I thought I would share it.

Hmmmmm   :O)  just a sign and no, I didnt find any exsplosives lol   not that I'm telling anyway .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dumb cat (again)

  Forgot to tell you all that I about lost the cat yet again!!!   Got out to check the road ahead going into the claims, forgot to roll the window up and wonder of all wonders, the cat bailed out.  Got back to the camper and decided to let cricket eat and I heard the cat meowing, told her to shut up like usual but she wouldn't.  Finally figured out that she was under the camper freaked out!!!   lol   got her back inside and she has not went to the front window again  lol   I was about ready to start up and drive away too so now I do a head count before i get ready to pull out...        later all, be safe   :O)

couple more pics

these are the mountains that I have been looking at :O)

Cricket inspecting the gold hole.  She told me to dig deeper, faster and find more GOLD!!!   Demanding little mutt isnt she?  

things I have seen along the way too and in colo

I found this statue of liberty in La Crosse ks, I thought it was pretty cool. Have only seen a few others like it, one is in the park in salina ks, another one was in the midle of a river some where back eaast.

this building is in ottowa county ks, its by the state lake and it must have thousands of names and initials carved into the rocks.  Its a sand stone rock and soft...  And yes, I carved my name and crickets in it.  :O)

not sure how to fix this or how it happened,  so you can look at it again  lol   oops

Kind of a tight sqeeze getting to the gold claim but I maid it  :O)

This is a odd design made in the rock cliffs above me across the river, look closly at it and you wqill see what I am talking about.  Its about 200' across side to side and top to bottom. Never have seen anything like that before so I thought I would share with you all. 

Howdy all :O)

Where to start???  well,  I FOUND SOME GOLD !!!   lol  not rich by any means but i found some after two days of back breaking arm killing pick and shovel work.   :O)   I have figured out that i have way too many buckets,  i think that I should only have around 5  lol   It has been gorgeous out here on the river just south of wellsville co.  Have meet some really nice people and some odd ones too  :O)  but its all been a good time.  Talked to friends back home and they said it was like 90 too 95 degrees and 80 % humidity...   wow, I dont miss that.  its been at the hottest 82 and 20 % humidity.  :O)   supper nice.  
 The high banker worked great and I like I said, found some gold..   Got some pics to post so I will back with some more info in a bit.     :O)