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Saturday, September 9, 2017


Surprise everyone....    It has been a loooooonnnnngggggg time.  Hope everyone has been doing great.  I'm sure that I have lost most of my followers, if not all. I apologise for the Gap in keeping up with the posts.  Been in prison lol.  No not really. Just been busy with life.
  Some of the high lights that I have been up too and what's been going on.
. Still dating my girlfriend. Working on the place. Working at my job. Getting Pno trained basically. A dog trainer I am not. I had it so easy with cricket dog, she was such a layed back little girl. Pno is a in your face kind of dog lol.
  My mom had a stroke back in June and we have been dealing with that. She's getting alot better but it's still along road to go. Taking her to lunch tomorrow at the Saddle Rock, it's a favorite place that she liked going to. And then going to go see Grandma Estes, she will be 98 tomorrow.  Yay you grandma. You always said you wanted to live to be 100. Just two more years and you will have made it:-)
 I have some cat. 15 to be exact now. Anyone want a kitten? Or two?
 The chickens are doing great, the young ones are starting to lay eggs now. Getting between 7 to 9 eggs a day so far. Got a few free loaders but not sure which ones they are. I had been letting them run all around but they started tearing up my plants and pooping on the porch alot! Got them penned up for now. Need to butcher one rooster, got one too many.
  Got the lean to all done, going to start soon on a bigger one on the other side. Got most of what I need. Will be nice to have the extra room.
Still need to move the tin she'd home that I had given to me.
 I also messed up my knee some how. Bruised the bone ends in my knee. And tore something inside, they said I need surgery on it but have to wait. I need to build up my sick days and vacation time. Can't afford to loose any wages. Did it at home, I'm thinking it might of been when I was chasing graci the dog and fell.
 It's had me hobbling around for a while. It got so bad for a while that I was on crutches. It hurt bad.....
  It's feeling better now, atleast I can walk on it. Just have to be careful.
  Got some cucumbers out of the garden, chickens got alot more of them. Really need to put up that fence.. the one cantaloupe plant has did a wonderful job. The other day I took five cantaloupes over to the rest home where mom is so the cook could give them to all of the residents. They all pretty much loved them. They have asked me to bring some more over again.
  I just tried to upload some pictures, wasn't successful. I'm posting this from my phone. It's smart, I'm not I guess lol...
  Now that I know I can post this way I should be on here more.  I will work on getting some pictures to go with my comments.   Talk again soon.   Be safe all..

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