1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


its times like these that a house would be great lol  The cold weather moved in to quick, I don't have the footings in or the floor.  The trenchers injector pump went out so everything was delayed. So now I don't know when the footings and pipes will be put in the ground.  I have been just doing about nothing lol  Its been really cold. Should be cutting firewood, not today though. Aunt and uncles furnace has a broken heat exchanger and the repair crew is coming to fix it today. Have to baby sit them while they are in the house.  Not a bad job to do today lol  Surfing and watching tv for the day and staying warm.  got chilled last night ans still chilled.     Hope everyone is doing great :O)  

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