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Monday, December 24, 2012

this years Christmas Bird :O) warning/Graphic I am a heathen.

this year my aunt and I decided to have a Turducken.  I have seen these on TV and u-tube and thought it would be good.  So here are some pics of the boning out process. 
Forgot to take a pic before I started cutting.   The Duck....

alittle bleary but this is the duck completely boned out.

Yes, I forgot to take the picture before I started cutting...  AGAIN :O)  But its THE CHICKEN.

Boned out chicken

Yeehaaaaa,  I remembered to take the pic before i started cutting the turkey...

The boned out turkey, it was alittle frozen still but it worked.  as you can see I left the bones in the wings but cut the thigh bone out of the legs.

I then packed some stuffing into the creases of the turkey, I even cut some into the breast meat so I could put stuffing in there too.  I then layed the chicken on the turkey backwards to the Turkey (chicken breast to the butt end of the turkey) and then packed it with more stuffing. I then places the duck on the chicken and packed more stuffing onto it. I then used roast string to tie the back up on the turkey. I had my aunt help me at this point to get it squeezed together so I could tie it. It would of helped allot if I would of had a meat tieing thingy. It looks like a poker but it has a hole in the business end of it so you can put a sting into it and pierce it threw the skin.  I just cut some small holes and then used a wooden spoon witha groove cut in the handle on the end to hold the string while I pushed it threw the holes I had cut.  works in  apinch but I would recommend getting the meat skewer thingy lol

And here is the finished product before cooking.  with a few tabs of butter on top. I tied a few strings around it to hold the legs together and also the wings.  Looks like  a regular turkey doesn't it?  :O)  will take a few pics after it comes out of the oven 2moro before and after it gets cut up.
They say to cook it at 375 degrees and for 25 to 30 minutes per pound  and a internal temp of 160 degrees.  That's what most of the recipes say that I have found on the Internet.   I really hope that it is as good as everyone raves about lol  just in case my aunt is making a ham also lol

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