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Monday, November 4, 2013

update :O) finally.

No words needed lol
or here either, except that it would be nice if it was warm too :O(

getting ready for the foam to be sprayed!!

looks  funny but it really works great..

and then the sheet rock going on the rest of the walls.

here I have been mudding and taping the walls.  Theres allot of screws there :O(  hence, allot of mudding and sanding :O(

The foam really is some great stuff, it sound proofs it and makes it really easy to heat too. I have been using a little buddy heater to keep the chill off in the house,  left it on one nite to dry the mud and it was 37 degrees in the morning but in the house it was 76 degrees!!!   I'm really happy with it.  The guy that owns the company said I would b e happy with it in the winter but the summer is when I will be truly impressed with its insulating ability's. said that it will keep cooler than a regularly insulated house by a long ways and be cheaper too.  I hope so. 
  So this is what I have been doing mostly, putting up sheet rock which all of the walls are done now, going to town one of these near days and buying the last of the sheet rock. Them last pieces will be for the ceiling.    
I have also fixed all the gas lines in the house and they are ready for the propane to be hooked up. Just have to get the propane tank updated :O(    Oh yea, I have to put in the stove pipe and hot water heater vent pipe in still too but that's not going to take much.  Things are coming along pretty good, just time consuming.  But its getting soooo close :O)  

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