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Sunday, September 20, 2015

hi all :O)

got busy yesterday, decided to start tearing out the old barbwire fence that is around my place. It was in really bad shape so I tore it down and cleaned up things so I can build a new fence. So far all I have done is the south fence. Still have the west fence to take out and there is not any on the east or north sides. just a whole lotta trees and brush. This pic is of the wire I tore out and layed out so I can roll it up to dispose of it. Yes, there was blood shed along with a few tears lol   I can never work around barbed wire without getting messed up.
Don't mind the old grill and the little barrel in this picture, they will be going away soon too but you can see where I trimmed up the tree limbs as well. Tired of trying to mow under them and not getting it done. Now I CAN MOW AND WHEN I GET TO BUILDING THE NEW FENCE I WONT HAVE TO FIGHT WITH THE TREE LIMBS TO GET THAT DONE EITHER.   oops, fat fingered the caps key again.  This picture is looking to the west.

This one is looking to the east. The property is 450 ft by 300 ft   3 acres
in the back ground you can see I was doing laundry also.

I found this preying mantis the other day at work, there is actually two of them there. On the back of the larger one is a normal sized one. I have never seen one this big before, I'm assuming the the larger one is the female and that's a little male on her back.   Yes people, we are looking at insect "porn" lol
If I remember correctly its a rather deadly ordeal for the little male though.

This is patches my cat, laying on me of course.  Seems like shes not happy unless she is laying on me some how. Doesn't matter what I'm trying to do, blog on here or watching TV or even playing xbox online she has to be laying on me. 

This is my motor grader that I operate at work, The last two weeks I haven't been running it though, auxzillarly oil pump went out on it so we've been waiting for the new one to get her. Its been along two weeks. I have been mowing the shoulders and ditches of my route. I am tired of mowing lol The parts are supposed to be here Monday. we will see.

Just a view from the operator cab, looks like I'm driving off into the ditch but I'm not, I have it articulated in the middle. Just blades better that way but it looks really odd to drive up on it when I have it like that. WILL HAVE TO TAKE A PIC OF IT SOMETIME WHEN I DO SO YOU ALL CAN SEE WHAT I MEAN.     dang caps key, going to have to remove that thing lol

I found these old signs the other day

Well everyone, I'm going to watch "Fear the walking dead"  lol   I know I know  not sure why I like them shows but I do.      anyway, be safe and visit with you all alittle later :O)

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