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Thursday, April 5, 2012

old house and a thunderstorm

I was driving around on the back roads one day and came upon this old house, don't know what it is about these old rock houses but I sure like them.

Went inside and this was in a room upstairs, It looked like they just walked out the door and never looked back with all of the furniture and stuff that is still in the old house.

This old piano was down stairs and it still worked lol  not very well but it still made noise lol  needs to be tuned pretty badly.

this storm blew up just east of my place the whole afternoon and into the evening, was a pretty rough storm for some over that way. 

The lightning was pretty awesome on this side of it, storms like these never cease to amaze me.
I used to be  a storm chaser/spotter and it was always a adrenaline rush to be able to see these storms up close and personal. Never wanted to see anyone hurt but loved to see the big storms.  About drove into a tornado one dark night so no more night chasing for me.   I wouldn't mind chasing again but with the price of gas today.....     I don't think so lol  not with my old Chevy pu that gets 12 miles per gallon!!!   

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