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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

transmission work

This is my transmission out of the rv, yes it was in many many pieces.  A couple of times lol  But all is well now for it is in and working great.  Thanks ever so much Clayton :O)  couldn't and wouldn't of did it without you. 

there are tiny steel balls, springs galore, allot of bands and clutches that have to go just so so...  little pistons that really are not mans friends.  Things that have to be aligned just right or its NOT going back together..  And then there is a screen that has to go in one way and only one way or your    ummm well, Screwed  lol    oh yea, learning curves are to be highly expected :O)  like removing the trans pump lol   Sorry clayt  :O)  But I did just stand there and tell you that you had better turn the bolt on the other side to even it up lol   We know better next time .

many many pieces and this doesn't show hardly any of them actually.

and this is what you don't want to see inside a automatic turbo 400 transmission.   Makes up pucker up pretty tight :O)
All in all, it went pretty good for never being inside a turbo 400 tranny before,  learned allot of stuff in the last few days  :O)  Going to pack the wheel bearings on the trailer tomorrow and then things will mostly be ready to head back to Colorado for the summer.
  time for leaving is getting close and I am getting pretty excited about going :O)

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