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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

lol sometimes I wonder about myself

LOL  sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.  For the last few months I have been wondering why my blog sign in page has been coming up in a foreign language.  It was a curiosity more than anything. I couldn't seem to figure out what the heck I had done to cause this or was it a outside influence.  Shouldn't have wondered much really, it was obviously a blunder on my part but to fix it I wasn't sure or how to do it.  I clicked here and there to figure it out but nope, it would remain in the foreign language.
  It really want a problem, I knew where to put my password and such and when I would do that then my page would pop up and all would be good in my world lol   well,  lol   I was signing in here and for the very first time I noticed this little bitty drop down icon in the lower right corner of the page.  I would like to say it was hidden or something like that but I cant. I just simply did not see it down there.  I had tunnel vision apparently lol  It was in the odd language that looked like chicken scratches in the dirt but I clicked on it anyway, low and behold, there was a list of languages lol  and near the top was one that I could read :O)  So anyway. :O)  my deli ma is fixed on the blog lol I even sat and chuckled to myself about just how blind a person can be. 

 Not much has changed my way, I came down with a rally nasty cold/flu bug.  Thanks penny :O) 
My kidney stone has been trying to move around on me :O(  that is not good at all. Last night was the worst its been. I will have to be going back in to the hospital to maybe try to get rid of it this time for good. I hope.....   I really don't know much new, It did rain the other night. Felt cold enough to snow.  Actually it wasn't but it felt like it.  It did get really cold the last few night though. Down in the mid 20's and low 30's but it ina  warm up for the next few days.  Feeling alittle better flu wise and getting antsy to get out and do something.

  I have come to town to get mail and splurged with getting lunch at The Katy Grill,  Its the home town bar and grill.  Good people serving good food.  Even if your not from here they still treat you like your family.  This is where I am accessing the Internet from, free wifi.  Thanks Allen :O)

  In other news, Got a post hole digger for the tractor the other day, its a damned if you do and damned if you don't type deal.  Money is tight right now and I came across this deal for the post hole digger, really good deal too.  It's drilled one hole in its lifetime.  So I spent the money for it and turned right around and put a bid in on a  job and got it. Putting some new posts in at a park, so its going to be paying for its self right away. Just as long as I can get over this dang flu stuff.  Working out pretty good actually, I will be breaking even on the money but now I have a posthole digger to get other jobs with and do all my post holes around my place :O) 

So anyway, not much has been happing around my place but soon things will be hopping again :O)  atleast I hope :O) 
                                      So take care and be safe all  :O)

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