1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Friday, November 2, 2012


  Just letting everyone know that I'm still alive. Still in Kansas at my place.  Really haven't been doing much lately, I fell out of my RV a while back and kinda buggered myself up alittle.  I was hurting pretty good but about a week later it really intensivied.  allot!!  I endured it for a few days but it just got to be too much so I drove myself to the emergency room.  Now so some of you don't think that I'm a wimp lol  last year I was walking for some reason with my knife open,  yea I know.  duh!!!  :O)  Didn't say I wasn't dumb :O)  said I wasn't a wimp :O)  and I feel with it.  I was going to fall into a cactus so I tossed the knife to the side and just so happened, I twisted myself around and avoided landing on the knife.  But, I fell on the knife that I had tossed to the side.  Yep, landed on it and it stuck me in my leg, deep enough that I had to pull it of my calf.  Yep, it wasn't good.  anyway, pulled it out and got a piece of duct tape, pulled the wound back together and taped it shut.  One of the many wonderful uses of duct tape lol  band aid.  Side note:  when you use duct tape as a band aid, shave all hair from the area BEFORE applying it.  not sure which hurt worse, the stab wound or the hair being pulled out by the duct tape.....
  Anyway, so you see. For me to go to the emergency room was a big deal actually.  I just couldn't take the pain any longer.   Went there and they gave me some drugs for the pain then exrayed me to find out that I had a kidney stone.  I had no idea that they hurt that bad.  I wish that on no one...  well, maybe one person.   anyway,  got back home, taking some pretty good pain meds :O)  Not really in the habit of taking drugs but when you have too, make sure they are good ones :O)
  The emergency room made a appointment for me with a urologist so I went there and sure enough, more ex rays and the kidney stone was 7.3 mm.   too big to pass.  figures.  so I had to have a ultra sound thingy done.  guess what?    its now 6.5mm.    Needless to say these procedures are not cheap either and she (the urologist) is talking about wanting to do it again.   Right now its not hurting but once in a while so I have been delaying things.    Soooooo,  as you can guess I have not been doing much at all.  About to go stir crazy but I have been doing things around the place. just being careful not to fall or anything like that. 
  Yesterday was the one year anniversary date for crickets passing, was a sad day.  I spent it running around getting some things done and starting others. I also went over to my nephews place yesterday evening and spent it with them.  we played some xbox :O)  call of duty Modern war fare.  fun game if your into that sort.  

  February 12th will be another sad day, it will be the 4 year anniversary date for dads passing.  It just doesn't seem like its been that long.  Just seems like the other day I just talked to him on the phone or stopped by his house and chatted with him.   Never take tomorrow for granted people, when you think about saying hi to loved ones don't put it off till "tomorrow" because it may never come..  The night before dad passed away, we hadn't talked for about 2 weeks.  We had had a disagreement and we were irritated with each other.  we were binging difficult with each other.  anyway, the night before his passing I had thought about calling him but realized it was 9 pm and thought that he was probably asleep. So I didn't call him because I didn't want to wake him. Didn't want to bother him.  Little did I know was that about the same time he was telling mom that he should call me and say hi. But like me, he figured that I had went to bed already and didn't want to bother me.   Oh how I wish that we would have "bothered" each other and had just called.    But we didn't.     And the next day he was gone.    So people :O)  don't wait till tomorrow, don't worry about "bothering" your loved ones, take the time to tell them that you love them, tell them that you love them when you part, even if your mad at each other.           I love you dad and I miss you.   

  take care all and talk to you again soon :O)  be safe

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