1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


  I find myself as of late missing being on the road and seeing the sights and exploring what’s over the hill and down the valley trying to find that elusive gold nugget. I really enjoyed the last two summer immensely.. It was lonely at times, but it was also a lot of fun.

At times I wished that there was someone to share the sights and stuff but not that much lol. Summer before last there was several times that I hang out with some people that I had met and it was really nice to share time with them and to visit and such but I also liked it when I would go my own way also. Strange actually, I would miss mingling with people so I would go to town but after awhile of being around people I would say goodbye and go off to be alone again lol

Guess I can only take so much of people and then I have to get away. I like to visit and be around people but only for so long. I like my solitude, what can I say..

I wont have the chance to get away and travel like I have for the last two summers, but someday I will do it again. Just have to take short mini vacations for a while :O)

In other news, I have recently retired my class c motor home. Its kinda sad actually, went to a lot of places and seen a lot with that thing. Spent some very good times in it, Cricket and I traveled far and wide for a while until she passed away. Don’t want to forget to mention the cat lol Patches is still with me. We had to move out of the rv a while back, didn’t know it but there was a leak in the roof and it had seeped into the ceiling insulation and I believe into the walls as well. There the moisture turned into mold inside the walls and ceiling. Not a good thing when you have a allergy to molds. I kept getting sick and at first I thought it was just that time of year and such but the more I looked back and thought about it it became clear that something was wrong. I could smell a odd odor in the rv when it got warm and couldn’t find what it was… Drove me insane honestly, I finally tore into a few spots and figured out it was mold. Thankfully, my nephew and his wife told me that I could borrow their fifth wheel camper until I got my house built and livable. Thank you both very much :O) Its been right at a month since we brought the fifth wheel over and I moved into it. Man :O) talk about having room to move about lol Its like going from a single room apt too a 2 bedroom house!!

The cat didn’t know what to do honestly, it was used to having a limited run space, like 12 ft max and now it has like 30 ft to run. Didn’t take long for it to get used to the extra room, she used to sleep with me all the time. Would crowd me all the time in bed but now she doesn’t come visit me until morning and she wants food. Sometimes she will sleep in the other bed across from me but not usually.

It does take more to heat but for the extra elbow room its worth it :O) I actually have to walk to the kitchen, walk to the bedroom. The only problem that I have is the condensation that builds up on the windows and around the door frame. Not sure how to remedy this problem, will have to Google this and see what others have done to fix this problem..

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know whats going in in my neck of the woods.

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