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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So much for Justice.

I got the bad news the other day about my appeal. No deal..   I had a bad feeling about the appeal, and I'm not really surprised that it was turned down.  Very disappointed that's for sure because even though I didn't totally believe that it would go my way I still had hope that it would..
  It really amazes me how a person can just lie about things and get what they want. Ex specially when it comes to the court system.  All you have to do is get a local lawyer and tell a local Judge your sob story lies and you can get a Protection From Abuse order even though its all a pack of lies.  AND you can do this with out  a shred of evidence or PROOF...  Even if The liar is a 2 time convicted felon and the accused never had a record of any type!!!!!
Now i wait to see if this individual will try to get yet another PFA (I had no idea what this "pfa" even meant until all this started)  against me. I asked my lawyer about it and he said that since I have not contacted her in anyway this last year that there is no reason for the judge to grant it.  Hell, I didn't think she was going to get the first one because it was all lies anyway but so little did I know.
I have learned that this PFA affects people in alot of ways, cant get certain jobs (atf back ground checks), cdl hazmat in out, loose the right to bear arms (while the pfa is in effect)  loose your concealled weapons permit if you have one.  It really messes with a person, I had no idea how much it affected a person in so many ways.    I am moving on with this, I don't like it in anyway because I really prided myself on not having a record of any type, but so much for that now.  I will move on despite this crap!!   The liar did say one thing once that was so very true, she said that I was a survivor. And that I am!! 
 She tried her very best to leave me broken,
 she failed.....

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