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Friday, November 4, 2016

picture heavy

went out picked some squirrel food the other day.  Might be enough for the winter, maybe. They squirrels up in kc we lovingly call them Tree Pigs lol

I was trying to capture all of the humming birds in the pic. only got three but there was five buzzing around.

Red and Whitey, wonder which one is which? lol

these are a bunch of poles that I bought for  1 dollar apiece from the local phone company. Going to be used in the fences for the goat and pig pens. Going back to get some more soon.

Just a cool pic of Red on the porch with the flowers

The next two picture are from work, was trying to show you all the graded radius in the ditch that I had just done. Might not look like much but there are a lot of hand and wrist coordination going on in those pics. I don't have a steering wheel in the grader, its all run by two joy sticks.  and to do those radius cuts like that, there is ALOT of moves lol

Yes, that's a glass of wine on the fender of my tractor :O) That's just how we roll out here in the country :O)

Here is the chicken house and chicken pen (aka Alcatraz)

Just some pretty clouds and they were actually red like this, the sun was rising.

Went snooping one day at a old abandoned farm and this is one of the things I found there. Pretty cool picnic table I think :O)

yes, a rainbow.

This is the machine I got to run the other day, its a joy stick operation as well. was nice :O)

We tore a old bridge out a few weeks ago a mile east of my house. Boss told me I could have the rocks if I wanted them. Yes they at the house now :O)  Going to be doing some major land scaping with them someday soon I hope.
If you look close you can see my cap (for a reference of rock size) sitting on one of the rocks

more rocks, might make some into some large water troughs as well.

My pancake cast iron griddle, cleaned and seasoned again. worked just fine the other weekend when we had mom and uncle out for breakfast :O)

and this, is my new grill I bought a while back. Its NOT supposed to smoke like that. :O( it had stormed the night before and I turned it on to dry it out some. Guess there was a build up of grease in there as well as some water. I just about had a melt down. Things got hot and stinky.
I put it out and its working again just fine. a little more careful about things now and I clean it more often lol

My Halloween tomatoe :O)

country fresh eggs and home made rolls :O)

Moon, was big. and bright.  :O)

I love this old Toyota and its even forsale but for the condition of it she wants too much :O( But just look at that thing :O) its a custom cab, Factory I might add. 4x4 22 rte motor (T is for turbo) rare. very little rust at all. but its rough. would need a lot of tlc.

Just a random pic of a old grain elevator. thought it was cool.

Just one of the MANY MANY hauls out of the garden.

OK, its really time for bed now.  Take care and will talk to you all again. :O) Be safe.

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