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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

still alive

  Hey all, sorry that's its been so long since I have been on here. Honestly I have been debating about calling it quits on here. Just doesn't seem like I have enough time anymore or maybe its just time to stop.
  I have been kind of busy still, got one of the old grain bins home. Another one still to get. The chicken house is pretty much done, just doing small stuff with it now. The chickens stopped laying when it got cold, put electric too it and now they have more light and a heat bulb for a little heat. The egg production is back in swing.  I'm in the process of putting another poop door in. Its rather cute, will have to get a picture of it.  Still fighting with the windows 10 picture stuff, ,maybe that's one of the main reason why I haven't been blogging and thinking about stopping. The picture deal is such a hassle.  Its rather frustrating and I say that politely .... 
  did everyo9ne have a nice xmas? We had a relatively stress free time :O)  Took mom to the casino again, she won money again, I lost money, again.... 

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