1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

alittle history

just sitting here watching some tv and being lazy actually :O) The cold weather has finally relented. had been really really cold for a while. Like -25 wind chill on some days.. Was quite a chalenge to keep things from freezing and just staying warm period. right now I have power from my sisters place and thank god for that. Alittle history is probably in order so this blog will make some kind of sense on how I ended up in the motor home. I was in a realationship that was not working for either one of us so we decided to go our own ways. So after 10 yrs we are no longer. We had alot going for us, a really nice place in the country with room to run around alittle with all the wild life you could ever want to see. Turkys, deer, bobcats, coyotes, badgers, ect. about anything that lifes wild in kansas we had running around our place. But, as nice as it was we were not happy. I hada very demanding and stressful job that required me to be gone for 10 12 and sometimes more hours than that. My companion had some medical issues that had to be takin care of so after approx 17 surgeryies (8 alone on a hernia surgury on her stomach) she is finally better but with complications from the surguries.
needless to say, between the job and surguries we drifted apart as a couple. we were together but not as a couple. It saddens me to think about her because I still care for her but its just not possible to be together anymore. Soooo, here i am living in the motor home making improvements as i go along. more later all :O)

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