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Friday, February 25, 2011

cleaning day

I have been cleaning today, I looked in the oven and was shocked by its condition. how a oven can get dirty like that is beyound me lol it sure sneaks up and all of a sudden, its gross. anyway, got it cleaned up and decided to vacum the floor, then I started organizing my movies and stuff on the counter. Chased the cat with the vacum going. She is still pissy lol.
Cricketdog just watched with a look of humor (Iswear it looked like it) on her face. I then started measuring for the remodeling of the bathroom and the over storage above the front seats. I think i have it all figured out but i am sure it will change many times before i get done.
Going to supper at my aunt and uncles man she sure can cook good. and going to watch the gold show on discovery.
Still cold and snowy out, about 3 inches on the ground and about 18 degrees right now. The heater has been running constantly all day. They say its to get nice again and then back to crappy again. Dont know if its the cold making the air mattress go down or if i have a hole in it. I really hope theres not ahole in it. anyway :O) got to go 4 now. later

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