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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dads old pickup

This is Dads old 1940 GMC pickup. It originally came out with a straight six engine and a 4 speed tranny.  Dad modified it alittle bit lol  He put a big block Pontiac v-8 motor in it with a 4 speed automatic transmission,  changed out the rear end and front end (suspension) It was a running machine. Dad always like drag racing, from the time he could drive he was always fixing up his vehicles to run faster and better than the average car.  Motor cycles too, he owned over the years a couple of old Harleys (1950 or older) and a old 1940"s indian motor cycle also. I sure wish he would hakept them...    Back to the pickup, I moved it out to my place recently. I am going to put it in under the lean two shed that I am going to make soon to keep it out of the weather so I home, one day I will fix it back up to running condition, nothing fancy just get it running again. maybe keep the Rat rod look  :O)   


and this is my hill billy bath tub  :O)  works great.  sometimes I have to run cold water into it to cool the water down so I can take a bath.  It surprisingly does get really hot with just sitting in the sun.  So far I have not had any neibors drive by while I'm bathing lol 


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