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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just another day living the dream :O)

And here is the quilt I bought last Saturday at the auction I was telling you about. and no, I don't have ahead board for my bed yet lol working on getting one though.    I really like the quilt.. :O)
And here are the first two poles put up of many to come for the new fence. And there is the smartest buy that I have ever made :O)  My little tractor. As you can see it has a post hole auger as well. Thankfully or else I would just say the heck with a new fence. Or use all steel posts so I wouldn't have to dig any holes... 
Things are dry around here, I barely hit any moisture when auguring the holes. I actually used the garden hose to wet things down alittle so the dirt would tamp back in the hole tight around the pole.

I never get over the fact that you can auger a hole in the ground, put a post in the hole and almost use all the dirt that came out of it to tamp it back into place. Mind you its a 14 inch hole that I put in the ground then I set a 10 inch pole in the hole so the pole takes up a lot of room in the hole, and then like I said almost all the dirt will go back in around the pole.  Just doesn't seem right to have just a little bit of dirt left over. Should be a lot lol  

Just another angle of the left over dirt. Trying to show you all just how little is actually left over.

In other news, tonight I put rat poison bait bars under the hood of all my vehicles. I'm not one to really like to use any poisons but for rats I will make allowances. I really really don't like rats. they are dirty destructive nasty flea bitten evil rodent spawned in the depths of all that is unholy lol   Did I mention that I really don't like them??   That is a bait bar on top of the motor, its tied down with a piece of bailing wire or else they would pack it off and stuff it in their nest. This way they have to nibble on it right there and I can see the evidence.   And hopefully the dead carcass.....  I have had so much stuff destroyed because of these little creatures, many many dollars spent repairing things. So if I seem alittle harsh in my thoughts, well, theres good reason for it lol   as you can see just alittle bit of said damage...

They have just about gotten all of the heat shielding insulation chewed and shredded off the bottom of the hood.  I guess it makes really nice and warm nesting material.   grrrrrrrr..

Die vermin die... 
I have been fighting rats at work as well, they are trying to move into my company pickup and the motor grader. Not good at all.   Got bait bars tied on everything there too.  I even have them tied to the building in places as well.  But I did take the time to put them up high where no rabbits can get to them.  I built some little wire cages to go around them so the squirrels cant get to the bait bar either.  So you see, I am careful so only the rats will get to the bait bars.  
Okay, enough of that :O)  
  Today is the first day of Oct, where did august go?  This year will be over before we know it. Time sure speeds by it seems when you get older. I guess its because the older you get the more you realize just how precious time is. So we better enjoy it the best that we can :O) 
Got to go, talk later to you and be safe  :O)

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