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Sunday, October 18, 2015

more pictures of fence and random

This is another time saving idea, Took some trash to the land fill the other day. Came back with more than I took down I think lol  Found this push lawn more and took the handles off to use as my wire unroller thingy. Works pretty slick..  Got to do some revamping on it like make a piece of pipe fit between the lower end and put a couple of spacers on it so the wire roll stays in the middle.
First wire strung and getting ready to unroll the woven fence wire, no I don't have anything made for doing that job but I am working on it. Some how I am going to make a pipe that will fit down the hole in the middle of the wire roll stand up straight so all I have to do is either attach it to the rear or the front of the tractor. Will take pictures when I build it and use it.

East side strung up too.

Okay :O)  east side wire strung up again

Rolled it out along the ground old school way, tiring way :O)

Looks kinda sad right now, just trying to get it to stand up along the posts so I can stretch it tight with the comalong (sp) hand winch basically.  I also used the tractor as well but for some reason I didn't take a picture of that. I also made another contraption out of two 2x4's that I drilled 3 holes into them. I then put bolts in them so I could clamp the 2x4's together with the wire in between.  That way I could attach a chain close to each end and stretch the wire tight. Hope that made sense. Sometime my explanations only make sense to me lol

as you can see, it worked because this pic shows it tightened.

Just a closer look at the craftsmanship and skill that it was installed :O)  Ya right lol 

a view from the front door of the fence.  Looking south, like that matters .

I was trying to get a nice picture down the fence to show that it actually is straight.

Another rattle snake I found on my route at work, looks really big in this pic but he was only about 18 inches long. little guy. I have been see a lot of them this year.
Was riding around my route one morning and was really feeling good and enjoying the morning and this song came on so I shot this  video of the countryside. tried sending it to a friend and it wouldn't. So I am trying it on here, hope it does.
Yes, that is my fat belly, I fell onto a piece of equipment while I was cleaning the windows, Feet slipped off and I landed on a thingymabob attached to the mower platform. Everything cleared except for my fat roll.  It just about made me pee myself alittle. It HURT....   That was about 2 weeks ago and it still looks a lot like that but its a lot more yellow now.  

this my uncle Vern, we were helping him move into his new place (new to him that is)  we were giving him a hard time and made him wear the improvised "Dunce" cap :O)   and yes, that is a livestock trailer that we used as a moving trailer :O)  yes, we are a bunch of red necks lol 

in other news, the garden is just pretty much done. Picked the last of the zucchini today, and the cherry tomato plants are just about done producing. My corn never made it thanks to the deer and coons. :O( I was really looking forward to having some sweet corn this year. Its about time to go get some manure and get the garden ready for winter.
  The weather has been really nice lately, fall is here. The trees leafs are changing colors and the critters are all scurrying around getting what they can for food. Ex specially the rats....  The damned rats.....   grrrr.
  The other morning it was thirty eight degrees,  nice sleeping weather to say the least.  :O)  I cant believe it but Saturday morning I got up and went outside to work on the fence. It was cloudy windy and down right chilly. I actually got my insulated shirt out and put it on. Uncle Gary came by and couldn't believe I had my "coat" on lol  usually I don't put it on until its really cold.  Getting to be home made bread weather along with some roasts cooked on the wood stove.  I don't know if its my imagination or not but it sure seems to taste better when its made on the wood stove :O)  I actually found my antique tin oven, I thought I had lost it but it was in dads old shop. I need to get it so I can take it apart to make a pattern out of it, its not in very good shape. rust mites have been working on it pretty hard.  Take it apart then build me a new one to use on top of the wood stove during the winters. That way I can avoid using the propane stove and save some money in the long run. :O)
Well all, better go for now. The washer and dryer is calling my name :O(    Take care and be careful everyone, talk to you all alittle later :O)    Be safe.

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