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Sunday, October 4, 2015

long weekend

 its been along weekend of auguring fence post holes and putting more posts in. I have all of them but two to finish up the wood post phase. I have to call dig safe tomorrow morning to find out where the fiber optics cable is for sure. I really don't want to tear that stuff up, very very expensive to have it repaired the way I understand it.  Better safe than making the check book sorry.
I have yet to take any pic of the work so far, need too. Its looking pretty good so far. Going to drive the steel fence posts in next. Still have to buy the gates, not sure to go with green or red.
That's all I did this weekend pretty much, just worked on the fence. It only goes so fast with just me working on it :O) 
ran out of pipe to use on the bracing, had to weld two pieces together to get it done, then went over to nephews place and got some more pipe so I can finish the last corner brace after dig safe says its okay to auger the last two holes.  then I get to do it all over again and again and again lol That's just to get the property fenced in, after that I have to build some cross fences plus some pens for the animals.
I have yet to build my chicken house, need to get that done soon. Pennie has some chickens for me :O)
This is whats left of the bonfire from the other night.  I have it filled with wood again ready for another bonfire.
I found yet another bunch of llama's on my route, they like chips too.  and that is a emu in the back ground.
On my way over to my nephews I found this sign, I hope you all can see where some one added alittle more too the sign lol Thought it was funny so I backed up and snapped a pic to share with you all.

like I said earlier, been along weekend so with that I will say goodnight and be safe all. Talk later :O)

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