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Sunday, April 3, 2016

sometimes you just have to laugh at your luck

  So ok lol  I told you all about going to my doc appointment and when I was there she told me I had to keep my incisions on my legs covered. So ok no problem. Went to walmart to buy some large band aides, Didn't have anymore at home. That's why I didn't have them covered when I went ot the appointment. Anyway, I found the ones I needed, bought them. I bought some extra large for the big incision, some just large ones for the other incision. I even bought the higher priced large ones with the Neosporin on the band aide already.    Came home.  No problem.  I took a shower that night and didn't put any on so it could get some air during the night to help it heal faster. That's according to what the doctor told me to do, and we all know that I follow direction to the letter lol  we sometimes maybe :O)   
  so I got up the next morning, took a shower as told, put the smaller one on then went to put the large one on.  Opened the box and nothing. I mean nothing, empty box. Not even dust in there, just plain empty.....    That my friends is the type of luck that I have generally lol   So I just smeared a bunch of Neosporin on it and just going with it.    
 It was actually funny to me, to buy a sealed box that was empty. Sure its a pain in the butt but hey, could of been worse. There could of been a nasty spider in the box.  
 I felt like I needed to share that with you all :O)  Hope you all got a chuckle out of it ::O)  
  Take care and be safe.

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