1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


  Hey all, not much going on here at all. People are burning a lot of their pastures around here so I burnt my place off too. 
no this isn't my place lol  just a pic of a grass fire in a big pasture.
This is my mighty fire :O)

 I got most of it burnt this evening until the grass got too humid and went out on its own. It should really make it nice and green later this spring.  I also burnt the old hay and bailing twine in the front yard too, now I can mow without worrying about getting the twine all wrapped up in the mower. Every once in a while during the summers I would get to close to it and it would get messy.
My leg is feeling better now but unfortunately it has gotten alittle infected.  The doctors said it will be okay but we are medicating it.  Come to find out the problem was a cyst that had burst inside my leg, no wonder it was hurting a being a problem.  She said she was really grateful that she didn't cut into it in the doctor office.  She said it would have been a problem.  Everything else is good to go though :O)
  The First was my daughters 31st birthday, I wish things were different between her and I.
I miss you and love you.

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