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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

well that hurt lol graphic photos.

Well, lets see. where to start with this story lol
I was at work and was going to put up a reflector sign warning people of a culvert end that was there. I had started using the steel post driver and it went bad very quickly.
  When I put it on the steel post I noticed that it was really short but thought it would work fine. I got it started and a couple of wacks into it I lifted it up to really drive it down hard, yes lol you guessed it I lifted it completely off the steel post and then brought it down onto the top of the post that in turn made the top (the heavy end) to come down on the top of my head.  Kathunk was the sound it made while stars danced in my vision and my teeth clacked together. I felt my head to see if it was bleeding and it wasn't that much, then two secs later it turned into a blood bath.   Called the office and got help out there to take me to the hospital, there they asked me if I wanted stitches or staples. Either I get 8 to 10 stitches or 3 to 4 staples, I chose the staples.  They said it wouldn't hurt much at all, that little kids get staples all the time without getting deadening shots.  So hey I thought, how bad can it be lol   let me tell you something, I don't want to meet them "little kids" in a dark alley because they are some tough little shits!!!   I will not do that again unless they deaden it first!!!  lol
but anyway, I got 3 staples and a bad headache out of it all. and  a sucker for doing really good lol

and yes :O/  I know that I don't have a lot of hair anymore lol
So I imagine at the next safety meeting it will be about wearing hard hat :O)
Thought I would share my adventure with you all :O)  take care and be safe :O)

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