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Thursday, April 21, 2011


well, Dont know how to tell you all this but the aerobed meet a untimly death.... I woke up for the last time the night before last to find that the mattress had let me down yet again... (litterally) :O) went to sams club and bought a real mattress and a memory foam topper!! slept on it last night and had a good nights sleep finally. No more leaks, air pumps, or the thing slidding off the dang fold down couch... Should have went this route first but we all go through learning curves dont we? As you can see, cricket is fully injoying the new bed. :O)

Today I have been working on the galley getting it organized alittle better. Built a shelf for the microwave to sit on. Had to make it so the door could open all the way instead of hitting the sinks fauset neck. going to tweak it a bit more but this is basically how its going to be.

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