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Saturday, April 2, 2011

brakes, rims and tires

new tires on painted rims that need a touch up on the scuff marks. uugg

just for the record, thats the old shoes :O) the wheel seal was bad and had leaked onto the brake shoes and soaked them. I have heard that you can clean them and also that you cant get them competely clean so I decided to be safe instead of sorry. Went with new.

I finally got the tires mounted on the rims and put new brake shoes on the rv ( i need to find a name for this thing) i really had no idea how much shoes cost but I do now!! ouch. got them on and checked the bearing while I had it tore all apart and they are in great shape. no flacking or scoring at all so I am happy. Feel better with putting new pads on and getting to look things all over before I pull out in may. Headed to the mountains of colo so brakes will be a good thing :O)
Checking out the front disk brakes and repacking the front wheel bearing tomorow. And that should just about take care of everything chasis wise. oops, forgot I have to check the trailer out too. That will be allot easier though thank goodness.
Really getting excited, getting close :O) Going to take a few road trips in the rv before the actual trip. Just want to give it a shake down run to work any kinks out that may pop up. Then it will be game on ~!!

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