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Saturday, April 30, 2011

a word about my aunt peggy

My aunt Peggy is a very special lady, She found out a few yrs ago that she had breast cancer. She went through treatment and beat it. Matter of a fact (if I remember this right) We took off and went for a road trip after she had her treatments. Peggy her husband me and my girlfriend at the time and my sister, we drove to vegas. That will have to be another story though. lol anyway, a few yrs ago peggy found out she had breast cancer again, this time she had to have a mastectomy. She didnt hardly even slow down, She is one tough bird!! :O) Everything thing was good for a while and then the bad news again. She went through another mastectomy. Now she is in remission again. Why am I telling you all this? Because I love her and respect her greatly!!! She tells you like it is if she cares for you and I guess thats where I get it from :O) She is being honored down in council grove tonight for being a surviver. She will be walking for awareness for cancer. I thought that I would help get her story out here for you all to read and to know just alittle bit about a great person. I also want to tell you about her husband :O) who has stood by her through this whole thing. He is a really good person too, ( I really shouldn't be saying that because now he will think that I like him :O) ) they both a great people and I love them both. Just wanted to tell you all about a couple of great people and they are my friends. :O)

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