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Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry, had to get that out of the way. As some of you may remmeber, I had a rat problem in the rv awhile back. Got the rat, thought life was good. Fixed all the damage done by the rat, pretty much all new wiring in rv, all new wire on the motor , all new wires for the brake tail and turn signals. You name it I had to splice it or replace it. SO all that done I drove the rv into town to my moms old place and survived the winter. Well, the otherday I was running some new wires for my batteries in the trailer, was laying under the camper and out of the corner of my eye I saw movement from the front of the rv by the motor compartment. I layed still for a while and much to my surprise and horror, a no good rotten nasty assed rat ran from behind the rock wall up into the motor compartment with what looked like nestiong material!!!
shimied out from under and poped the hood and sure enough!!! RAT NEST BEGINNINGS!!
I jumped into the rv grabbed the 22 rifle and layed back down under the rv and waited. Sure enough, there he was. little whiskeers adn beeding eyes... Now before any of you get to feeling sorry for the nasty little wire chewing pooping peeing stinkn damn thing, I dont kill needlessly or for the "pleasure" of it. I really dont. But let me tell you that after finding wirers chewed off again and having too clean poop and rat pee up yet again, I must admitt that I did find a strange pleasure in taking the agressor out Rambo Style lol
SOOOOO, I am going to town today to get some more new plug wires so I can drive the rv again. Think i might make me a rat trap holder for under the hood and install a rat trap permenantly just for any future invasions.
Does anyone elsew have problems with rats under the hood?

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