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Friday, October 28, 2011

catching up

Yes, I am still alive.  (my spell check is on the blink,sorry) Trully sorry that I have not blogged lately.  I made up my mind in flagstaff while I was driving to a walmart parking lot for the night, I had put the destination in the gps unit and was following it to the parking lot. It told me to get on west I-40 and I told it that I didnt want to go west that I wanted to go east!!  Thought about it for a sec or 2 and realized that I did indead want to go east instead of west. So I turned west and headed for home. 
 Earlier in the day I had found a rv repair and welding shop and had called it only to get ahold of another rude individual of the indiam persuasian to hear him tell me to call back monday and even then it would be a week before he would even be close to getting to it.  So this didnt help my mood either.
  When I was getting ready to leave this time I kept putting off the leaving date time and time again, should have listened to my inner voice but sometimes I get stuberon...  all the way to colo I was debating with myself about my actions and then all teh way to flagstaff I was still debating my actions.  Yes, sometimes I am hard headed and very very stuberon....  so anyway.
  I stopped and threw all of the stuff that i could in the trailer to the rear of it to get the weight off teh tonge.  Risky move I know but i was tired, homesick already adn lacking any faith in fellow man at this point!!  I headed for home.  Left flagstaff at 6 pm stopped that night in gallup nm and spent the night.  Cricket was sick that night and had to go poop about every 1.5 hrs so we didnt get much rest. poor little girl, I felt so bad .
 We left gallup about 930 am  and stopped in meade ks about 8 pm  stayed in a nice little park on teh east side of town, very nice place.  headed out about 9am and pulled into peggy adn garys about 4pm. 
 I am done traveling for teh winter, I thought about alot of things while driving all those miles. I have always  went for drives when needing to think about things.  Ussually doesnt take that many miles to get it all thought out though lol    I thought about my old job, my ex wife .  My dads death, about all the stuff that had been going on in my life for the last few yrs.  How unhappy I had been and stressed beyound any and all boundryies that anyone should have to deal with.  I feel fortunant thaqt I actually came out of it all with my sanity.   I figured out that I had been running in a way  from all the bad memories that were haunting me. I needed this summer like a drowning man needs a life preserver. 
  I found myself again basically, :O)    and it feels good to be home again where my family and friends are..  I loved traveling around adn I really love gold prospecting and that will be a part of my life forever :O)  but I need a home base, a place of my own taht I can make just the way I want it. Roots that I have put in the ground that will grow to be just one part of my dream and life.. 
  I have 3 acres now that I am starting to work on, alot of work ahead of me thats for sure. There is nothing and I mean nothing on these three acres except a few trees and praire grass.  But its mine to do with as I want adn how I want to shape it to my eye and heart.   I am going to build a small house on it to start with, not sure if it will be a normal house or a cordwood house, really want to build a cordwood home but I really want to move into a house soon.  Yes :O)  the rv is really small now and I want to stretch out and have some room to do that lol    Finances is going to be tight that is for sure but if I can get it built and inclosed  I can fix it up the rest of the way as I  go along adn have the money.
 Peggy adn Gary are such wonderful friends....  Not for them I would not have my 3 acres. I dont have the words to exspress my gratitude and love for them.  they have been there for me on more than one occasion and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being my friends..  

  So I am giving up the nomad style of life that I have been living, I will still take trips and vacations and who knows, I might hit the road again sometime in the future but I will have my place to come back too.  I am not one of those that can be happy with the road as my home, I need my roots in the dirt somewhere :O)   It has been a learning curve and its has been fun :O)  I would like to have run into a few of you all that I follow but whol knows, maybe one day I still will. 
  I am keeping the blog going but it will have pictures and stuff about my place being built from the ground up.  I hope you all will still follow me along my journy.   I have to build my house, garage/shop, laggon and put a well in.  Going to get a garden going and so many other things :O)   It ought to be intertaining to watch  :O)    I'm  keeping teh blog name the same :O)  I know now the direction I am heading but the destination is still unknown..    be safe all  :O)   will be putting pics up soon of the place and what I have been doing on it.

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