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Sunday, October 9, 2011

dang dang and dang!!

you know, sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing here or is fate trying to tell me something?  First, on the trip out to colo I broke a fan belt and over heated the rv pretty bad. Pulled over and fixed the belt and filled back up with anti freeze.  Had been fighting the wind really badly by the Way. Figures, the day I decide to leave the wind blows 900 mph from the south.  anyway.  got the belt and stuff fixed all the while standing and laying in sand burrs. Not fun.  Got to colo just in time for the first big snow of the season (8") so I headed south but first I had to buya  new gas cap, the other one is on top of a gas pump in woodland co.   grrrrr.  got everything back in shape and then headed to warmer regions...  saw the four corners while I was on the go. took pictures but forgot the camera to post them on here. 
  I am in arizona now.  its been along drive.  and I just found another problem with the rv.  The trailer is too heavy for the hitch.  So its sagging pretty badly and the back bottom of the wall to the bathroom has problems now.  I need to find some metal and weld some bracing up under the rv for some extra support!!!   WTF!!!!    Oh yea,  stopped for gas back north aways and asked a Indian guy if he knew of any welding shops was and he said yea...  and then told me that it would cost me 20 bucks for teh information!!!   &(#^$%^_#@$&#  #*$&#*&%$B!!!!! #%&%).........   needless to say I did NOT pay the old bastard anything....    Drunken assed Indian!!!!   grrrrr 
  So here I sit in flagstaff arizona wondering just what the hell I am doing here!!  Pretty much tired of my luck not working very good.....  I did locate a welding shop have to see tomorrow if they will at least have the metal I need, I can cut it and weld it myself since I did bring the welder with me again. Will ask to see just how much they will charge me first.  then decide... 
  Soooo,  The fun has not been in this trip like the colo trip was 2 months ago.  Maybe I used up all my luck then and now it catching up with me.   One more major thing goes wrong and I will might just say piss on it and go home and get a real job and grow up :O)    anyway, got to go.  be safe and talk later to everyone.     grrrr


  1. Maybe you caught Fate in a reboot cycle. The answer can never be to go home and get a real job.

  2. wow you have had a week huh! dthe grass is alway greener you just have to wait for it!