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Saturday, October 8, 2011

holy cow

nothing like driving into a blizzard lol  not really but we had one last night as we slept. So much for hanging out at buena vista, way to cold at night and tooooo much snow.  Headed south, at salida at one of my old haunts for free wifi and then going down 285 for a while, will see how wolf creek pass is before taking it. Might have to go farther south into new mexico then across, not sure but i 'm not staying here. 

 Saw a few of the old gang yesterday and today, some have found shelter for the winter there in BV and some are headed south for the winter.  Couldnt believe that one of them paid me back with some money I loaned them, didnt really exspect it so it wasa nice surprise.   Everyone is planning on hitting cache creek again in the spring, will be likea home coming or something like that lol.

  Cricket is doing okay with the altitude so far but it will be better on her to get lower.  I had thought the cat would have gotten used to not moving and have to get broke back in to the moving routine but she never complained or anything, just acted like it was the norm.  
 well, better go for now, be safe all  


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