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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

busy day

  Been moving stuff to my place today, just a bunch of odds and ends. I then decided to move my storage trailer, had to get the old truck running, hook it up, fight the fifth wheel lock to stay locked, air up a tire, then drive it down to the property. I unhooked it all and had to fight the fifth wheel lock to get it unlocked, broke the dolly crank had to fix it in order to get it raised up enough to get out from under it with the old truck.  
 I also hauled some more dirt today, had to fill in the ditch where my driveway is going to be, leveled it all out with the tractor and packed it down good. I will hopefully haul some gravel and dump it there before the rains get here.  Need to dump aload in front of the door on the trailer so I wont be walking in mud all the time.  just going to get enough to do the job for now, will haul in allot more at a later time.
  Going to work some on my limestone name stone, it has someone Else's name on it too so I will be removing that one, not sure what the heck I will put in its place, might just leave a chipped out hole in it.  Not sure what to do to fix it lol  Don't know where I am going to put it yet either.  By the house or out by the road and the driveway or????               I will take some pics soon, I promise :O)   
   I also went into town and got some more of my stuff from my mom and dads old place, still have some more to get but need more room in the storage trailer first, so I will be building some over head storage shelf's  or a attic type thing in the trailer. will really help allot.  Will need to run some electric wires to it soon so i can have a light or two plus be able to use my power tools  hehe....
    Was looking at the doors today too,  not in very good shape actually. Going to look on craigslist and see if I can find a used garage door, would really make it more vermin proof and easier to get in and out of too.  be safe all  :O)

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