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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

property pics

This is going to be the shop building pad, I have a old semi van trailer that I am going to bring in and set on it. I will have to cut the axle out from under it and the dolly system to get it all the way down on the ground.  Then I will drill some post holes around it so I can build a shed over top of it and have parking for equipment out of the weather that way.  Will be pretty nice when I get it done. Will be awhile :O)     That is my tractor in the back ground, I was picking up roots from the fill dirt.

Got to love big Iron lol   This is my uncles track loader that I have been using, sure goes pretty quick using this machine for digging the dirt up and loading it into his old grain truck/dump truck. going to use it to make the sewer lagoon next.

the Grain truck/dump truck, no power steering and no ac either lol  the heater works best during the summer and you guessed it right :O)  the ac works best during the winter..

This is where I am getting the dirt from, took this pic yesterday so the hole is about double in size now.

The last few days that I have been working on the place, blue (aunt and uncles dog) has been there with me doing some work of his own.  He is in  a little pond that is on the neighbors property to the east of mine and it has abunch of frogs in it. Blue has been frog hunting the whole time and he is getting pretty good at catching them now.  he brings each one of his catches up to show me and then he burys them in the building pads that I have been building.  He's a pretty funny dog, looked around one time to see where he was and found him sitting in the pickup watching me lol   Teach me to leave the pickup door open.

Not a good picture but if you look close you can see the string line that is layed out so I can mark the ground with paint so I can trench in the footings.
things are shaping up, I am hoping that the weather holds out long enough to get the footings in at least if not the floor too.  But I will be happy with the footings and the water and sewer lines.    Hoping the electric gets put in soon, think i might move the RV down there so I can start "living" there..  Still trying to get the well driller to get out there soon but he is busy so don't know for sure when it will be.  

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