1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Cricket 1-02-00 11-1-11

Cricket came into the family in the spring of 2000, we had decided to get a dog so we went to the pet store. I saw cricket right off the bat and new she was the one for us :O)  She was a little almost hairless little bitty thing, she was so cute.  Bk/ ex wife  wanted another dog but I stuck to my guns and we went home with cricket.  This little girl had problems right off the bat actually,   we noticed that she had tape worms so we had to get her doctored the very next day and the vet told us that she had not been taken very good care of,  it broke our hearts to think that there are people in the world that could miss treat a small little dog like this.   We got her all taken care of and she quickly became a very important part of our family.   She would go every where with us, she even flew on a jet to Florida with us on vacation once lol   That isa whole story in itself :O) 
 We took many road trips over the yrs, Colo allot,  Texas to the gulf coast,   she went every where we went.  She only missed one trip actually, we went to Colo and left her at the vets office,  what a mistake that was.  I missed cricket allot but BK missed her even more and it just about ruined the whole trip. On the way back home we called the vet to see if we could pick her up early and he said yes so we got her and realized that she wasn't making any noise when she barked.  Made all the motions but she couldn't bark anymore.  She had barked so much that she couldn't anymore.  We decided right then that if we were going to take a trip, she had to go with us!! 
  In 2005 Bk and I split and we actually had to put in the divorce papers visitation rights so we both could have cricket.  I know lol  crazy huh?  But that is just how much cricket meant to us.  Bk and I ended up getting back together  and life was more or less good again untill this last jan 2011.  Cricket came with me.  Winky and pig (crickets baby's)  they were born in 2006   I sure miss them two also.  Always wondering how they are.  anyway,   cricket and I have spent the last 9 months together almost 24/7 .   only a few hours here and there have we been apart from each other. 
  Cricket has always been there for me, waiting for me to get home or to go for a ride on the 4wheeler or to go to town for a ride.  She would even ride on the motor cycle with us :O)  should have seen peoples faces when they would realize there was this little ball of fur there with us lol
Cricket was a on the go personality.
  The picture above is what cricket was doing when we were in the rv or in the house. :O)  she wasa  master relaxer  :O)

This picture above really doesn't need any explanations about how she felt when we were on the go :O)  as long as she could have the window down and the wind in her face, She was a happy camper. She loved to be on the go as you can see :O)

This is a picture of her in new Mexico, it was a potty break.  If she wasn't  enjoying a rest  she was just enjoying a ride of one sorts or another, or she was on the prowl sniffing and exploring the area around her.  She hada nose that could sniff out anything.     She had a good life, we took better care of her than most people take care of themselves.  I found out while in colo that she had congestive heart failure problems.  
   I did everything possible to insure that she was comfortable at the end, She died at home with me holding her and comforting her, telling her that I loved her and to go find grandpa (my dad)          I am going to miss this little girl so very much.

I love you cricket

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  1. i am so sorry for your loss! i am sending gentle thoughts you way. cricket always brighten my day whenever i saw her. stinky will take good care of her and one day you will be together again!