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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

abandoned missile silo

This old missile silo is in Kansas where I call home, it was started back in the fifty's and my dad hauled dirt out of the hole back in the day with a old diamond reo truck. He said that the hole was really deep and the road up out of it was so steep that when he was coming out with one of the many loads, the motor mounts actually broke because of the stress..  (could have been that the old truck was wore out also :O)     He took me down there when I was around 11 yrs old the first time.  Its changed alot since then. The huge over head door where the missile was is gone now. The main big door is open most of the way now, and alot of the inner wires and metal has been stripped away.

This picture below is the exhaust tunnel outflow from the rocket when it would launch. there used to be a huge steel door welded in place over this hole but has been long removed i imagine for  the scrap value.  Its deep and full of water.
This is looking down into the exhaust hole. the picture doesn't do it justice for the size or the depth.

This is in the control room at the other end of a 150 foot tunnel. This is where they would have pushed the button that would have ended our world as we know it. There was a kitchen, bathroom, living quarters, storage rooms and of course the room for all the controls for the running of the missile silo.

Not sure about this bed frame but it looks about right for the time period.

just on of the many wench and cable rooms that is around the site. would really like to have seen how big they were.

This is a water pump house about a mile down the road from the site. There are actually 2 of them sitting there by the creek. Not much left inside anymore.

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