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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Took this pic at Clayton and penny's a while back when we were working on the transmission in the RV. I made that birdbath/dog water dish :O)

When we were at the missile silo we found these in one of the rooms, didn't know what they were at first then realized they were bottle caps of all types.

See?   lol   no idea how or why.

Then while walking around outside the silo area we came across these killdeer (sp) eggs.
and then.....

Down the road at the pump houses for the missile base, we started into the second pump house and it stunk of dead things badly  and I was just stepping inside and there was a ruckus inside and I jumped back out and Clayton slammed the door shut and we watched a buzzard fly out one of the other broken out windows.  wow  lol  had us going for a minute. We went back inside with the smell   uggg  and under a piece of steel there was this little buzzard just a hissing away..     Ugly little shit  lol   

until the next time,   you all be safe :O)

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