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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more silo pics

This is the main door that they used to protect the missile after it was inside. As you can see it is HUGE..  Its also about 18 inches thick. 
This is standing at the top of the ramp looking down to the above door.  Its about 100yds long.

this is looking towards the door and ramp from the rear. This "Hole" used to be covered with a huge huge door that was mounted on rollers so when and if the time came to launch the rocket, it would roll to the left and then the rocket would rise up from a laying position to upright over top the exhaust tube.   I have no idea where the door went, or how they got it off to carry it away.  Must of used a lot of oxygen and acetylene!!!

picture does no justice, but this is inside one of the machine shops that kept everything ship shape back in the day.

the walking tunnel that connects the control room to the missile silo area.  its 150 ft long with a branch tunnel that goes to the outside just outside the big door.

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