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Thursday, June 28, 2012

still alive

I'm still alive lol  just havnt been around a good connection to post pics.  Been busy looking for places to prospect, they have changed some rules out here and it is a pain in the ass.  Plus, everyone and their dog has staked claims out here in hopes of selling them and getting rich off it.  I am currently at fairplay colo.  No fires here. yet.  I can see the smoke from the leadville fire sometimes and the one at colo springs on a really clear morning i can see the smoke. 
  Dang, its rainning. had to run to the bike and get my clean dry laundry  before it got soaked lol   Note to self,  Dont run at 10000 ft or you will fall down lol  
  Sitting here in the Park Bar, had a cheeseburger and fries,  not bad at all.  Ussing their wifi.   Was not a soul in here when I got here but since the lightning and rain started it is filling up pretty quick. 
  going to try to post some pics. 

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