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Thursday, June 28, 2012

things found and tried

sitting in the middle of now where up about 10000 ft on the side of a mountain.

this is a dynamite storage container, its even grounded in case of lightning.
But empty so there was no fun to be had lol

I dont know if this was a railroad bridge or a highway bridge but someone went through alot
of work getting it put there. Where the water falls over the edge, them are granite block, chipped square no less and laid in a grid like pattern that runs up river about 30 infront of the bridge itself. There are some serious cracks between the blocks, sure would like to get down in there and crevice them out for some gold maybe :O)

I bought a solar sun oven right before I left ks, tried it out the otherday with success :O)  This is corn bread cooking. :O)

This is some scalloped potatoes that I was preparing, unfortunantly, I got carried away when they got done and didnt take a picture. Just started eating lol

Finished corn bread, took about 30 minutes to cook with just using the sun for  the heat sorce.
the oven got to a temp of 355 degrees.  Had a golden crust on top and a crunchy bottom and sides just the way I like it :O)    Going to be making some home made bread next and some baked taters too.
When I get real brave I will thaw out the cornish hen in the freezer and make a meal. will let you all know how it turns out, with before and after pics lol

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