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Monday, June 11, 2012

ohyea, I left kansas for colorado lol

  Forgot to tell you all, I have left the state of Kansas :O)  I am now in Colo again for the summer.  Didn't have any problems with the rv's tranny, it does make a funny thump noise sometimes but I have no idea what it is, maybe my imagination.  You know how it is after you get something fixed after a major break down, you hear and feel every little bump vibration or ticking noise!!!  even some that don't even exsist lol 
  I thought the wind was going to be a problem but it really wasn't too bad, averaged about 7  mpg.   I left wc on sat afternoon and went to jays house for a party that he was having for a friend, was a good time seeing everyone again and visiting with everyone that I didn't even know but kinda do now :O)  Got up the next morning and had breakfast with them all and took to the road soon after. It was about 10 am when I left his place and got to Ellicott Colo at 9 pm Kansas time.   spent the night there in a back parking lot of the convenience store, not really recommended, rather noisy.  got up this morning and was on my way to the Western omelet  mmmm good.  one Harley breakfast please ...   I think that the pancakes have gotten even bigger than last time.  left there at 11 mountain time and I am here in buena vista again.
  Its sad sometimes on this trip, I keep going by places that cricket and I have stopped at in the past. Makes me miss here terribly. I knew that it was going to bother me but not this bad.  Got here to BV and stopped in the park to get water and to relax and I see all the other people with their dogs enjoying the park and I stick out like a sore thumb walking around with no dog. 

  Called Susan and Lynn, going to meet them later this after noon for supper or something.  Should be for a good time, he said something about they were having open mic again this wens and then the weekend is going to be a bike rally or something like that at the hwy dept bar. Might have to go.
  Nothing exciting happened while driving out here, wind blew in every direction at one time or another.  Missed a thunder storm, looked like it might have been nasty too.  well, nothing else to add so I am outa here to do something.  going to  get permits and memberships tomorrow to get that out of the way, might go check point bar out while I am down there to see how crowded it is or not.  The river is way down from last year, the locals are saying its the lowest they have seen it this time of year  in many many years.  Might be good for the prospectors, be able to get in behind those big boulders in the river where a person couldn't before.     anyway.  talk later to you all,  be safe.  

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  1. hugs, i bet little cricket dog is with you! she can see everything your doing and makes sure you have a good time.