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Thursday, June 28, 2012

more places exsplored :O)

A true fixer upper :O)  might be better off in a tent lol

This is the view from the almost tippy top of a mountain. Got alittle to harry to keep going on the bike so I stopped and took this picture.   Looks like Im on top of the world lol  okay, maybe not but it was up there pretty close to it.

Found this on the way up a goat trail, looked like the local kids were using it for a party spot.

This is looking back up at the place where I took the picture from the top of the world lol  as you can see, it was pretty close to the top.

this trail doesnt look that step in this picture but after I got started up it I was starting to question my sanity,  and as far as coming back down my spencter muscle is still sore from gripping the seat!!! 

This picture does not do this hole any justice at all!!  its a "chute" that the miners dug out from below and mined it all the way to the "grass roots" and it has sense caved in leaving this gaping hole. If you was to fall into this, I dont think the odds of you surviving the fall would be very good let alone you being in any kind of condition to crawl your way out of it. Exspecially  since there are iron gates on the opening to the actual mine.

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